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NARFE is the only organization solely dedicated to watching after ALL Federal employees and retirees. NARFE protects YOUR benefits, with four lobbyists and a support staff fighting for you on Capitol Hill every day!

NARFE backs you up when you no longer have a personnel officer available-that can happen even while actively employed, as downsizing continues.

NARFE Federal Benefits staff answer questions to guide you and support you, both active employees and retirees. You can receive direct assistance on CSRS and FERS with questions on annuities, health benefits, Medicare, life insurance, tax withholding, survivor benefits, social security, etc. .

NARFE magazine is extremely valuable-worth more than the membership costs you, with timely articles providing you with information that you need to manage your benefits, life planning, career, etc..

And you have access to Member Perks, valuable discounts that can save you money.

NARFE has two kinds of memberships:

Traditional Chapters, and National Only.

Traditional Chapters serve a distinct area and have their own additional dues. Chapter meetings offer fellowship and social interchange with other federal retirees, survivor annuitants and current employees; in addition to renewal of friendships with former associates.

National-only membership has no Chapter dues, consisting of members who have opted out of traditional chapters. However, these members participate in NARFE at the District, State, Region and National level along with the Chapter members.

Whichever membership you choose, you are a full member in NARFE.

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