National Active and Retired Federal Employees

Florida Federation of Chapters

Executive Board Meeting Minutes

February 12 - 13, 2004



With some humor about these minutes intended, “We met, we ett, we went home!!”, the following is respectfully submitted:

The winter meeting of the Exec Board of FL Federation was held 12/13 Feb 2004 at the Hilton Hotel in Altamonte Springs, FL.

Four of the five elected officers, the eleven DVPs, and some appointed officers of the Federation attended all or portions of the two sessions.  (Treasurer Larry Saunders was too ill to attend and his duties have been taken over by the appointed Acting Treasurer Ken Carter.)

First session was called to order by President Whalen at 7:00 p.m. 12 Feb 2004. The chaplain provided an invocation, the group recited the pledge of allegiance to the flag and the roll call of officers was called.

Minutes of the previous meeting were NOT read, as each officer has a copy of the minutes provided by the Secretary.  After one addition was made to those minutes, the motion made by Secretary Henderson, properly seconded, to forego reading of the minutes was passed.

Mr. Ken Carter was introduced and 1st VP Pappa made a motion, properly seconded, that named Ken Carter the Acting Treasurer with voting rights (and recipient of a portion of the treasurer’s honorarium as amended after the motion was passed), since Treasurer Larry Saunders’ health makes it apparent he will NOT be able to continue his duties as Treasurer.  AT provided statements about the turn over of documents, files, and funds and issued the Treasurer’s Report. 

After some questions were posed by DVP Sicular about funding for district meeting costs and the procedure to acquire funds to cover those costs was outlined by President Whalen, the Treasurer’s Report was accepted as presented.

2nd VP Stewart made a motion, properly seconded, to approve the meeting agenda.  The motion carried.

DVP Stone made a motion, properly seconded, to amend the meeting agenda, if required.  The motion carried.

All Elected and Appointed Officers of the Federation were provided time to discuss various issues important to the Federation. Elected Officer Subjects included: chapter F-7 requirements, chapter membership reports, plans for the May convention, deadlines for documents essential to the convention, chapter strengths and weaknesses, the successes of district meetings, working with chapters regarding the various resolutions and bylaw changes proposed for discussion at the convention and the need to conduct pre-retirement seminars. 

There was discussion by the Appointed Officers that was more specific:

            - Membership Chair Murray reminded the Exec Board members that we had left a motion on the table at our previous meeting; therefore, she asked for a motion and it was provided by 2nd VP Pappa,  properly seconded, that a “Super Recruiter” award would be made and that no special award would go to any one chapter of the federation.  The motion carried.  Then,  Membership Chair asked for another motion and it was provided by Secretary Henderson, properly seconded, that the Proposed Membership Awards Plan for 2004 and 2005 be approved.  There was some discussion and one issue about the Dues Withholding Category was resolved by a tie-breaker vote which kept the original motion in place.

            - Service Officer Fordham, with humor and specificity, provided the briefest and most precise description of ongoing service projects in FL Federation districts.

- Legislative Officer Roepke reviewed the gamut of issues regarding NARFE Legislative issues.  Bottom line is:  little is being accomplished, members need to use the toll free telephone line (1-866-220-0044) to get specific GPO/WEP issues moved out of the House Ways and Means Committee, and members must pressure their congressmen to support NARFE issues before a more intense and dramatic move is made to institute a Legislative Discharge Petition.

- President Whalen commented about his trip to NARFE HQ to discuss this specific legislative issue with the NEB.  He iterated that NARFE may have to use the THREAT of a Discharge Petition in order to get certain NARFE issues to the floor of the congress for debate.

           - Alzheimer’s Chair Sicular reviewed information about procedures for getting donations to the Alzheimer’s Treasurer with credit to the federation and she also indicated that Dr. and Mrs. Eckmann would be featured speakers about Alzheimer’s progress at the convention in May.

            - ZIP Code Chair provided factual information to the board.  One change in ZIP code usage had been requested by Delray Chapter but it was denied by President Whalen.

            - Since Automation Chair Greer died in January 2004, the fact surfaced that we were NOT able to retrieve any of his e-mail records.  Therefore, President Whalen established a new e-mail directory and named Bill Leatham of Chapter 717 as the next automation chair.  DVP Dean made a motion, properly seconded, to confirm President Whalen’s appointment of Bill Leatham as the Automation Chair.  The board established an honorarium for the remainder of this fiscal year and plans to budget $600 as an honorarium for next fiscal year.  Bill Leatham  will purchase dedicated computer equipment to accomplish this mission for the federation.

            - A brief discussion about NARFE PAC contributions showed that the FL Federation is 9th among  54 federations in providing support.  About $15,000 was provided by 575 members of the FL Federation during calendar year 2003.  Attention will be directed at getting the NARFE PAC chair to provide regular e-mail reports about our giving to chapters.

Some generalized discussions about the Florida Federation Convention occurred regarding: convention pins, deadlines for naming delegates, deadline for reserving hotel rooms, categories of delegates, monies in the convention treasury, decorations and other potential future contracts with the hotel, etc.  These subjects  were initiated by members  and fielded by Convention Chair Ben Pappa. 

At 10:20 p.m., this session concluded with the indication that next session would begin at 8:00 a.m. the next day.

After the second session was called to order by President Whalen, NFVP Ken Martin provided his insights about NARFE issues on: membership, pre-retirement seminars and their importance, merging of chapters and declining numbers of chapters throughout the nation, legislative frustrations and potential for some success, the schedule of national officers at Region III conventions, the implementation of the NARFE Awards Program, general concerns about the impending buy outs which may occur in the federal workplace and the need for NARFE to recruit and retain Current Federal Employees as the future of our organization.

NFVP Martin answered commentary about the issue of National Bylaws Revision efforts by saying that this effort, despite all the work done by private contractors and NEB members of a committee he chaired, has been put “on the back burner” for the time being.  In part, this is because of adverse reactions from federation presidents who had been asked to review the document.  NFVP Martin indicated that this issue is NOT dead, it would not come up at the Biennial Convention but probably will be sent to a referendum at some point after the convention.

Unfinished Business of the FL Federation Executive Board included:

            - Convention seating by District was finalized by a lottery drawing as follows:  First Choice in Seating – District 1; Second Choice in Seating – District 11; 3rd – 4; 4th – 3; 5th – 9; 6th – 8, 7th – 2; 8th – 10; 9th – 6; 10th – 5; and, 11th – 7.

            - FL Federation Bylaws Revision – each member of the Executive Board has a copy of the proposal and the Secretary will send one copy to each of the 83 chapters of the FL Federation by the end of February.  The bylaws revision will be brought to a vote on the floor of the annual convention

            - Per Capita Tax – Acting Treasurer has been receiving funds and expects to get funds from all chapters soon. As of 12 Feb, AT Carter had received $4,280 from 22 chapters.

            - Redistricting Efforts – 2nd VP Stewart led the discussion and fielded some contentious issues about 6 chapters of the federation being transferred from one district to another.  Several DVPs preferred to abstain from voting on these issues and there were some DVPs who voted nay on certain issues.  However, despite the concerns of a few the aye votes of the majority of Executive Board members established these changes: 

                        - Three chapters (39, 2020, and 2279) from District 2 are transferred to District 4.

                        - Chapter 159 from District 6 was transferred to District 10 and Chapter 2151 from District 6 was transferred to District 7.  (Please note that the original motion was to transfer Chapter 162 – instead of Chapter 2151 – from District 6 to District 7; however, the efforts of DVP Sicular brought an amendment to the motion.  Chapter 162 will remain in District 6 and Chapter 2151 will be accepted in District 7.)

                        - Chapter 1074 from District 9 was transferred to District 5.      

            - President Whalen recommended the FL Federation should have an advertisement in the Biennial Convention Program Book.  A motion was made by 1st VP Pappa, properly seconded, that a ½ page ad be paid for from federation funds.  DVP Blackwell will develop the ad and get it to the NV Federation persons responsible for the National Convention Program Book.

            - A proposal to change the FL Federation Fiscal Year was brought up.  Secretary Henderson made the motion,  properly seconded, that the new fiscal year will start on 1 Jun and end 31 May.  The current fiscal year would have two months added to it.  The motion was accepted.  The line item review of the budget will be made at the May Executive Board Meeting, according to President Whalen.

Some minor discussions about vouchers and funding surfaced among the DVPs and there were some final comments about national bylaws revisions and the reactions of federation presidents. Members of NARFE are the final authority, said some. Then, for the Good of the Order,  IPP Haviland and NFVP Martin made closing comments.  The meeting was over.

A benediction was provided by the Chaplain and this session of the Executive Board  was concluded about 11:30 a.m. on Friday, 13 Feb 2004.  The next scheduled meeting for the members of the Executive Board is at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, 17 May 2004, prior to the FL Federation Convention at the Hilton Hotel in Altamonte Springs, FL.

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