National Active and Retired Federal Employees

Florida Federation of Chapters

Executive Board Meeting Minutes

             Friday Morning, 21 May 2004 (revised)



Call to Order – 9 a.m. Invocation Pledge of Allegiance Roll Call

Present: Elected Officers –
President David Whalen, 1st VP Benjamin Pappa, Jr., 2nd VP Donald Stewart, Secretary Steve Henderson, Treasurer Ken Carter, Junior Living Past President Guy Haviland and 11 District Vice Presidents – Charles Gardner, Harold Bartelt, Ruth Blackwell, Sharon Sharp, Herb Sicular, Mickey Rosenthal, Wallace Roepke, Richard Gerber, Lucette Chizik and Alice Hart
Absent: Elected Officer –
Robert Snodgrass, DVP V
Present: Appointed Officers –
Advisor Steve Morrissey, Alzheimer’s Chair Leonora Sicular, Chaplain Mary Ellen Schoolmaster, Historian Elizabeth Welebob, Legislative Chair Wallace Roepke, Membership Awards Chair Ann Murray, NARFE-PAC Chair Don Wasson, Pre-Retirement Counselor Harold Bartelt, ZIP-Code Chair Margaret Pappa
Absent: Appointed Officers –
Alzheimer’s Treasurer Susan Crowley, Automation Chair Bill Leatham, FEEA Coordinator Larry Feingold, Membership Chair Al Salo, Coalition Coordinator Gerald Fournier, Service Officer Jack Fordham
Guest: Clyde Young of District 7

The first order of business was discussion of motions:

Motion 05-21-04-01 Approved. Subject: 21 May 2004 Agenda. Move that the meeting agenda be approved. Made by DVP Chizik and properly seconded.

Motion 05-21-04-02 Approved. Subject: 21 May 2004 Agenda be revised (if required). Made by DVP Chizik and properly seconded.

Motion 05-21-04-03 Approved. Subject: 17 May 2004 FL Executive Board Minutes read from computer notes by Secretary Henderson. Henderson moved that the minutes just read be approved and this was properly seconded.

Comments were interjected welcoming the new DVPs of the Executive Board. Robert Snodgrass was not present; however Harold Bartelt, Wallace Roepke, and Alice Hart had brief comments and were officially greeted by President Whalen.

Motion 05-21-04-04 Approved. Subject: Treasurer’s Report (previously distributed at 17 May 2004 meeting) was introduced by Treasurer Carter. Carter moved that the report be adopted and, without exception, it was adopted.

The second order of business included officer reports.

The elected officials of the federation made remarks about the 2004 convention and about future plans of the federation.

The appointed chairs reported on the activities of their committees, in the context of the just concluded 2004 Convention. Of consequence:
ZIP-Code Chair Margaret Pappa provided updated information about the use of ZIP codes. President Whalen indicated that DVPs must review and make the required changes.
NARFE-PAC Chair Don Wasson asked DVPs who have been a part of redistricting and those new DVPs to check with chapters to determine legislative issues associated with PAC funds. Wasson collected an additional $110.00 at the convention.
Historian Elizabeth Welebob will accomplish some maintenance with the historical books. Payment of storage dues will be due in September 2004.

Old Business was the third element of this executive board meeting. Comments were made about:
- 2004 Convention Chair Pappa pointed out that the Treasurer would distribute the funds to people who worked on the convention. First, the audit will take place; then, following the audit, a check representing 25% of the net profit would be sent to the Federation. This would be followed by the distribution of the remaining funds per the Point Program. Then, Convention Chair Pappa discussed certain costs and spoke about the band. DVP Sicular made a motion and it was properly seconded to have the Treasurer write a $250.00 check to donate to the Band Booster Organization. Great convention comments.
- Treasurer Blackwell pointed out that there are separate line item for funds in the federation treasury and she asked that checks be cashed by chapters within 30 days, even though many chapters are closed for the summer.
- Federation Bylaws Update and Distribution will be made by 1st VP Pappa, after all the proper words have been inserted.
- Federation Redistricting – 2nd VP Stewart – brief commentary.

Motion 05-21-04-05 was adopted. Motion, made by Secretary Henderson and properly seconded, was to take from the table the motion from the 17 May 2004 meeting to have items sent out via e-mail as much as possible and to reduce paperwork. DVP Blackwell amended the motion to guide the federation to have resolutions and bylaw changes proposed by chapters printed (in short form) in the convention program book. 1st VP Pappa made the motion to amend and it was properly seconded; therefore, this will be an addition to future convention books of the FL Federation.

New Business was the fourth element of this executive board meeting.

Motion 05-21-04-06. Adopted. Motion by Secretary Henderson and properly seconded to adopt the 2004-2005 Fiscal Policy document as amended by Treasurer Carter and previously distributed by Treasurer Carter, was discussed. His recommended changes are in RED print. Regarding the mileage rate, a suggestion was made to have item 1a read “mileage at the GSA rate”. This was amended to read “mileage at the IRS rate”. This amendment received 9 aye and 5 nay votes. Then, other items in RED (2d and 3d) were discussed and no changes suggested. The Fiscal Policy begins 1 July 2004.

Motion 05-21-04-07. Adopted. Motion by Treasurer Carter and properly seconded to adopt the FY 2004 Budget document, previously distributed by Treasurer Carter. After some haggling, a motion was made by Treasurer Carter and properly seconded to approve the mulled-over budget (with suggested minor changes in dollar amounts). President Whalen and Treasurer Carter will place $15,000 of federation funds into a one-year certificate of deposit at an institution to be determined, in the very near future.

Motion 05-21-04-08. Adopted motion made by Past President Guy Haviland and properly seconded to pay Treasurer’s Bond policy, increased to $50,000.00 to also cover the President and both VPs of the FL Federation.

Motion 05-21-04-09. Adopted motion made by Secretary Henderson and properly seconded to pay the Federation Liability Insurance Bill of $75.00.

The District Annual Meeting Schedule in February was again briefly surfaced by 2nd VP Stewart. No changes from previous commentary as DVPs will work out any conflicts in the schedule.
Officers were provided responsibilities for the 2005 Federation Convention as follows: 2nd VP Stewart will be Chair; Admin Assistant will be Tom Singletary; Secretary will be Steve Henderson; Treasurer will be Ruth Blackwell; Auditor will be Ken Carter; Commercial Tables will be handled by David Blackwell; Credentials will be handled by DVP-8 Roepke; Hotel Facilitator will be Benjamin Pappa, Jr; the Convention Book will be completed by David Whalen; flag ceremony and parade of banners will be handled by Harold Bartelt; and committee assignments remain about the same (with some DVPs being new to the jobs). Points system and funds for participation by members of chapters was approved by acclimation.
2nd VP Stewart asked that he be the chair and DVPs Gardner and Gerber be committee members to finalize details about the 2005 Convention. Request accepted.

The Executive Board Meeting was concluded for the Good of the Order, with a reminder that the group would assemble again on 30 Sep – 1 Oct 2004 at the Hilton Hotel in Altamonte Springs. Following the benediction by the Chaplain the President adjourned the meeting.

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