Florida Federation of Chapters

Executive Board Meeting Minutes

                   May 19, 2006




A regular meeting of the Florida Federation of Chapters Executive Board (EB) was called to order by President Pappa, minutes of the 16 May 2006 EB meeting were addressed by a motion. A roll call of all elected officers was called by the Secretary, the President and Secretary was present.

Invocation was presented by Chaplain Schoolmaster 

Pledge of Allegiance was presented by 1st V.P. Stewart

Opening remarked were presented by President Pappa

 Florida Federation Structural Chart

Motion 001  05-19-2006

“Adopt Structural Chart as amended”, by DVP-2 Bartelt, properly seconded. Motion Passed

Appointment of the following Standing Committee Chairmen/Coordinators/Officers was presented by President Pappa 

Alz Chair – Leonora Sicular, Alz. Treasurer – Ken Carter, Automations Chair – Bill Leatham, Chaplain – M. E. Schoolmaster, Coalition Coordinator – Herb Sicular, 2007 Convention Gen. Chair. – Don Stewart, FEEA Coordinator – Nancy Roepke, Membership Chair – Robert Miller, Membership Awards Chair – Dave Whalen, NARFE-PAC Chair – John Trenkle, Public Relations Chair - Marc Harris, Service Officer – M.E. Schoolmaster, ZIP-Code Coordinator – Margaret Pappa.

Motion 002 05-19-2006

“To accept the slate of Standing Committee Chairman/Coordinator/Officers as presented by President Pappa”, by 1st V. P. Stewart, properly seconded.  Motion Passed

A roll call of Appointed Officers was call by Secretary Henderson

Motion 003 05-19-2006

“To approve agenda” by Secretary Henderson, properly seconded. Motion Passed

Motion 004 05-19-2006

“To table the minutes of the 16 May 2006 EB meeting until the Sept. 2006 EB meeting” by  President Pappa, properly seconded.  Motion Passed

National Field Vice President Bob Harrell was recognized by the Chair, and spoke to the EB.

Financial report by Treasurer Carter. A comprehensive report was presented. 

Correspondence by Secretary Henderson. No correspondence to report.

Reports of Appointed Officers, (change in venue)

Motion 005 05-19-2006

 “To Approve a $50.00 Gift Certificate from the Florida Federation as part of the Alzheimer’s drawing at the National Convention” by 2nd VP Roepke, properly seconded, Motion Approved.

Reports of Elected Officers.

Fiscal Policy for 2006 – 2007

Motion 006 05-19-2006

Article1, h,

First line, after “Federation”, strike out “may”

First line, after “Federation” insert “ President shall” 

First line, after “former”, strike out “Federation or National Officer”

First line, after “former” insert “elected Federation or current National Officer”

By Treasurer Carter, and properly seconded. Motion Passed

11:25am  Meeting recess called by President Pappa

12:30pm  Meeting called to order by President Pappa

E-Mail Voting Policy

Motion 007  05-19-2006

“Accept E-Mail Policy without change for 2006-2007” by 1st V.P. Stewart, properly seconded.  Motion Passed

2006-2007 Training

By consciences, the President will appoint members to a training committee to present selected subjects at the annual district meetings. Annual meeting must provide adequate time to present training program.

Motion 008  05-19-2006

“DVP’s be able to choose instructor/s chosen by President”, by 2nd V.P. Roepke, properly seconded. Motion Passed

 2006-2007 Florida Federation of Chapters Budget

Motion 009  05-19-2006

“Approve budget as amended by EB, EB will re-address budget at Feb. 2007 EB meeting”, by DVP-2 Bartelt, properly seconded.  Motion Passed

2007 Convention Core Committee

By consciences, the 2007 Convention General Chair, Don Stewart appointed each 2007 Convention officer, and Sub-Committee Chair.  The “Point System” and number of members per committee was presented.

Unfinished Business

NARFE National HQ request for the FL. Federation to participate in a spot radio commercial program in the Tampa Bay area for membership recruitment, cost to the FL Federation between $4,000.00 and $6,000.00.

Motion 010  05-19-2006

“FL. Federation President formulate a letter to National HQ that the Florida Federation does not wish to participate in the program, due to limited funds”, by DVP-2 Bartelt, and properly seconded. Motion Passed

New Business

Motion 011  05-19-2006

“The EB create a non-voting “Emeritus” position for any living Past National President living within the state of Florida and is a member in good standing of a Florida Chapter in good standing”, by 2nd V.P. Roepke and properly seconded

(Emeritus – Retired from active service but retained in an honorary position – Ref: Webster Student Dictionary)

Motion 012   05-19-2006

“Table Motion 2006-05-010 until Oct. 2006 EB meeting”, by DVP-2 Bartelt and properly seconded.  Motion Passed 

Good of the Orde

Benediction by Chaplain M.E. Schoolmaster

Closing Remarks by President Pappa

Next EB meeting Oct. 26 & 27, 2006,  Feb. EB meeting is Feb.22 & 23, 2007

02:30pm  EB Meeting Adjourned by President Pappa 


Minutes Approved



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