Florida Federation of Chapters

Executive Board Meeting Minutes

                   May 15, 2007



The meeting was called to order by President Pappa at 8:06 AM

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by First Vice President Stewart.

The Roll Call of elected officers was conducted by the Secretary,  all were present.

MOTION 07-05-15-001 by First Vice President Stewart, properly seconded, to approve and adjust the agenda if necessary.

There were opening remarks by President Pappa.

Secretary Leatham presented the Minutes of the last meeting (February  22 and 23, 2007).

MOTION 07-05-15-002 Secretary Leatham moved, properly seconded. that the minutes be approved as written. Motion Passed.

Treasurer Kenneth Carter presented his Financial Report and reminded the Board that we have a Florida solicitation permit. He distributed the 2007-2008 Draft Budget.

Reports of Elected Officers were given.

President Pappa gave an update on the 2007 Convention. He requested that the focus be on major awards to keep on time. He mentioned that Sergeant at Arms will exchange agendas for Program Books. Great attendance.  There was discussion of seating and the parade of banners.

Old Business The Federation Secretary reported that there was none.

New Business President Pappa reminded Executive Board Members that Chapter reports were based on the September M-114 report from National and the Report of Deceased Members from M-112s of 4/1/2006-3/31/2007. Under his Presidency, the reports were done by the First Vice President. Policies for next term will be determined by successors.

President Pappa reported that he and First Vice President Stewart would be proceeding to the airport to welcome our Keynote Speaker, National President Margaret Baptiste.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:29 AM by President Pappa. 

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