Florida Federation of Chapters

Executive Board Meeting Minutes

                   May 18, 2007



The meeting was called to order by President Stewart at 8:03 AM

The Invocation was given by Acting Chaplain Maude R.  Henderson           

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Second Vice President Treva M. Devers

 The Roll Call of Elected Officers was conducted by the Secretary, all were present.

 The Roll Call of Appointed Officers was conducted by the Secretary. Membership Awards Chair and Alzheimer’s Chair were absent.

Introduction of Guests by First Vice President Roepke, who introduced Mary Pierson , President of the Mississippi Federation of Chapters.

MOTION 07-05-18-001 by Second Vice President Devers, properly seconded, that the Agenda be approved with the right to modify as necessary.  Motion Passed

The Meeting Recessed 8:11 for an Orientation of New Officers

The meeting was recalled to order by President Stewart at 9:20 a.m.    

NARFE Region III Field Vice President Harrell stated that matching funds were available for Federation and Chapter Banners

The Secretary indicated that the Minutes of 15 May 2007 were not yet available.

MOTION 07-05-18-002 by Immediate Past President Pappa, properly seconded, that the May 15th minutes be tabled until the next Executive Board meeting. Motion Passed.

Correspondence was read by the Secretary.

The Financial Report was given by Treasurer Kenneth Crater, who distributed balance sheets projected to 5/31/2007. He reminded everyone of the need to submit any vouchers and get expense reports in ASAP, as otherwise the monies will be in next year’s expenses

MOTION 07-05-18-003 by Immediate Past President Pappa, properly seconded, that the Treasurer be authorized to renew the $16,000 Certificate of Deposit with compounded interest rounded to an even $1000 dollars. Motion Passed.

MOTION 07-05-18-004 by Immediate Past President Pappa, properly seconded to renew the $10,000 Certificate of Deposit for the best rate, Motion Passed.

President Stewart thanked the District Vice Presidents for adherence to their budgets.

Short verbal reports were given by the Elected Officers. District Vice President Gerber indicated a serious issue in his district that may lead to the closing of a Chapter.

President and Convention Chair Stewart reported that all went well, and he will be keeping the same procedures for next year.

Past President Pappa reported on the transition. 

President Stewart stated that the Convention planning was outstanding, and recognized the efforts of Past President Pappa.

President Stewart introduced Region III Field Vice President Robert Harrell and expressed the condolences of the Florida Federation for losses he and his family have suffered.  Mr. Harrell congratulated the Federation on a successful convention.  Mr. Harrell indicated that Region III would be conducting a training seminar in Columbus GA Quality Inn Oct 2/3/4

President Stewart conducted the Introduction of Appointed Officers:

Alzheimer’s Chair Lenora Sicular, commenting that she had collected $2,882.77 so far plus $2,800 from the Alzheimer’s Cruise; Automation Chair Diana M. Leatham; Coalition Coordinator Herbert Sicular; FEEA Chair Nancy Roepke;

Legislation Chair-vacant; Recruitment Chair-Ed Fleck; Retention Chair vacant; NARFE/PAC Chair John J. Trenkle; Public Relations Chair/Newsletter Editor Marc Harris, Service Officer – vacant; Zip Code Chair Margaret Pappa and the new Strategic Planning Committee: Mike Hoyman Chair, Sam Girson Vice Chair, Herbert Sicular, David Whalen; Training Officer Benjamin J. Pappa

Motion 07-05-18-005 by Secretary Leatham, properly seconded, to concur in the nominations. Motion Passed.

District Vice President Angel Almodovar reported that NARFE FEEA scholarship fund donations in memory of the late Mildred Rosenthal had reached about $2000.

The meeting was recessed at 10:30 AM.

The meeting was reconvened at 10:51 by President Stewart.

Committee Reports were presented

The Fiscal Policy for 2007-2008 was addressed.

MOTION 07-05-18-006 by Past President Pappa moved, properly seconded that the policy be amended to require that all federation issued checks not cashed within 90 days of date of issue will be void and that statement be printed on Federation checks.  Motion Passed. 

MOTION 07-05-18-007 by Past President Pappa, properly seconded, to strike out shall and replace with should on Page 3 item c. Amended by Treasurer Carter with the concurrence of Mr. Pappa to strike paragraph c in its entirety. Motion Passed.

MOTION 07-05-18-008 by First Vice President Roepke, properly seconded, to amend the existing d on page 3 to $300 where combined “Combined district meetings will be advanced $300”. Motion Passed.

MOTION 07-05-18-009 by First Vice President Roepke, properly seconded, on page 1 item g-strike out the balance after Newsletter. Motion Passed.

MOTION 07-05-18-010 by Past President Pappa to adopt the fiscal policy as amended 5/18/2007. Motion Passed

MOTION 07-05-18-011 by First Vice President Roepke, properly seconded – Travel by automobile will be at a mileage rate of 40 cents a mile. Motion Passed.

The E-Mail Voting Policy was addressed.

MOTION 07-05-18-012 by Past President Pappa, properly seconded, to amend the email policy by striking out on the signature lines the name of Past Federation Secretary Henderson, replacing it with the current Secretary Leatham, and likewise replace the President’s name with that of the current President Donald Stewart. Motion Passed

MOTION 07-05-18-013 by Past President Pappa, properly seconded to adopt the email voting policy as amended. Motion Passed.

MOTION 07-05-18-014 by Past President Pappa, properly seconded, to amend the Newsletter Policy to strike out Pappa and insert Stewart. Motion Passed

MOTION 07-05-18-015 by Past President Pappa, properly seconded, to approve the Newsletter procedure. Motion Passed.

2008 Training was discussed.

Dues Withholding Contest discussed.

MOTION 07-05-18-016 by Past President Pappa, properly seconded, moved to re-implement the same Dues Withholding Contest for 2007/2008 as for the current year.

MOTION 07-05-18-017 District Vice President Torchia moved, properly seconded, to amend the Dues Withholding Contest to increase the awards to $300 and $100. Amendment Failed.

MOTION 07-05-18-018 by District Vice President Shaw moved, properly seconded, to add an award of $100 for the Chapter of the winner. Amendment Failed.

MOTION 07-05-18-016 was called to re-implement the same Dues Withholding Contest for 2007/2008 as for the current year. Motion Passed.

MOTION 07-05-18-019 by Past President Pappa, properly seconded, moved to replace the current Membership Award Program with a Chapter Assistance Program (see handout) that assists Chapter with recruitment, retention, and public relations with funding up to $200 per each 6 month period.

MOTION 07-05-18-20 by Past President Pappa, properly seconded, to Call the Question.  Motion Passed.

MOTION 07-05-019 Passed.

The 2007-2008 Budget was reviewed, with a discussion on line items.

Treasurer Kenneth Carter suggested that the Board increase the Chapter Assistance Program to be funded at $5,000 and that a line item for retention funded at $1,000 be added.

MOTION 07-05-18-021 by District Vice President Greene, properly seconded, that the budget be adopted with the suggested modifications. Motion Passed.

The 2008 Convention plans were discussed. President Stewart appointed John Ventura to Chair the Convention Committee.

MOTION 07-05-18-022 by Past President Pappa, properly seconded, to confirm the appointment. Motion Passed.

Chair Ventura discussed convention points and made the following appointments:

Convention Secretary William H. Leatham, Treasurer Ruth Blackwell, Audit Chair Kenneth Carter, Commercial Ads & Tables  Wallace Roepke, Credentials Robert J. Miller, Decorations James Greene, Dinner Tickets Anthony Torchia, Door Prizes Robert, Miller, Equipment David Blackwell, Greeter Chair Lucette Chizik, Hobby Show Robert Shaw, Honor Guard & Parade of Banners Chair Harold Bartelt, Hospitality Chair Richard Gerber, Host & Hostess Anthony Torchia. Hotel Facilitator Benjamin Pappa, Entertainment James Greene, Program Book Chair Angel Almodovar, Raffle Tickets Richard Zeiner, Registration Chair Sharon Sharp, Support Group Chair Robert Shaw, Lapel Pins Donald Stewart, and Treva Devers as Administrative Assistant

Unfinished Business: The Secretary raised the issue of the floor resolution passed at the convention to clean out the storage locker of unneeded items. President Stewart appointed Secretary Leatham , as Chair, along with District Vice President Bartelt and Equipment Chair David Blackwell to review the items in the Historian bins and recommend appropriate action. The Committee will meet at the Storage Facility the Tuesday of the next Board meeting.

Zip Code Report Pappa gave an extensive report.

By consensus it was decided that the 2008 Convention Registration fee would be $10 with $15 fee for late registrations.

There were closing remarks by President Stewart, which were followed by a moment of prayer led by President Stewart.

The meeting was declared adjourned at 1:32 PM.


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