Florida Federation of Chapters

Executive Board Meeting Minutes

                              31 OCTOBER – 1 NOVEMBER 2007




The meeting was called to order at 1:02 PM by President Stewart. He mentioned that there would be a speaker on tax portability.

Motion 2007-10-001: District Vice President (DVP) Harold Bartelt, properly seconded, moved that the amended agenda be approved. Motion carried.

President Stewart led in a moment of silent prayer.

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by second Vice President Treva Devers.

The Secretary called the Roll of Elected Officers. All were present except for DVP Torchia.

First vice President Wallace Roepke introduced guests: NARFE Region III Vice President Harrell, Mrs. Bartelt and Mrs. Ventura.

Motion 2007-10-002 by Second Vice President Devers, properly seconded to approve the minutes of the May 15 and 18, 2007 Executive Board as written. Motion carried.

The Secretary read the letters of resignation of Zeiner as a DVP and Miller as Legislative Officer.

Pres. Stewart reported that Jakob Maestas, Retention Chair, had also resigned.

Treasurer Ken Carter Ken Carter reported that the SunTrust Certificate of Deposit (CD) had increased. The other CD’s were renewed. $5,373 was now in the Convention Reserve. The finances are in healthy financial condition.

The Meeting recessed at 1:17 PM.

Thereafter, Kenneth C. Wilkinson –Lee County Appraiser & Governor’s Appointee on Constitutional Commission– discussed Tax Portability and proposed Constitutional Amendments. He discussed Tax Portability and Tangible Property Tax Removal.

The meeting resumed at 1:39

DVP’s presented their report. President Stewart asked for added information as to what is not in distributed reports. DVP Gerber reported that it may be necessary to merge Chapters 1140 and 1588. He is trying to set up an Alzheimer’s Golf tournament in conjunction with Alzheimer’s Gulf Coast. DVP Chizik reported that there were only 2 returned mail from the Federation newsletter.

Pres. Stewart-National requested photos of NARFE participation in community.

Officer Reports followed.

Past Pres Ben Pappa reported on the convention. He redid the convention form and set up an entertainment package with Arabian Nights for Convention.

Alzheimer’s Chair Sicular requested donations.

FEEA Coordinator Roepke reported that she would be displaying a quilt during break for the FEEA fund raiser at Conv.

Motion 2007-10-003 by Past President Pappa, properly seconded, that the Federation donate $1000 to the FEEA Disaster Relief provided that there was unanimous approval. Approved unaminously.

Second Vice President Roepke thanked Membership Recruiting Chair Ed Fleck for his efforts.

Verbal reports were given on the Alzheimer Cruise Report by President Don Stewart, Chair John Ventura on the 2008 Convention Report, Treasurer Ken Carter on the new IRS Filing Requirements, Chair Ed Fleck on Pre Retirement Seminars and Chair Margaret Pappa gave the Zip Code Report.

Past President Pappa explained his edits to the Constitution and ByLaws as well and submitted proposed amendments to them submitted to Board for its review and recommendations. He volunteered to write them as formal resolutions, if so decided by Board.

Motion 2007-10-004 by Second Vice President Devers, properly seconded, to authorize Past President Pappa to undertake writing of formal resolutions for the 2008 convention. Passed.

President Stewart reported that he had appointed Brenda Mobley as Legislative Officer and asked for the Board’s concurrence. There was unanimous agreement expressed for her appointment and President Stewart declared her appointed.

The meeting recessed at 2:46 PM and resumed 3:01 PM.

Brenda Mobley-8/29 started with Treva and Margaret, invited by Mel Martinez to meet with him.

Motion 2007-10-005 by Past President Pappa, properly seconded, that the draft Legislative policy, including addendum of guidelines, as amended, be accepted.

Chapter Assistance Program Chair Dave Whalen reported that letters were sent to every Chapter. He received one reply from Cape Coral, which was approved. There is $4,800 left.

Motion 2007-10-006 by Second Vice President Devers to retain the $10.00 Convention Registration Fee prior to the April deadline.

Motion 2007-10-007 by Treasurer Ken Carter, properly seconded, to amend to the fee to $12. The motion was defeated.

Motion 2007-10-008 by Past President Pappa, properly seconded, to amend Motion 2007-10-006 to have the registration fee be non-refundable. The motion carried.

Motion 2007-10-006 was carried. The registration fee is $10 non-refundable.

Motion 2007-10-009 by Past President Pappa, properly seconded, that a Late Registration non-refundable fee of $15 be imposed for registrations received after April 20. Passed.

Region III Vice President Bob Harrell reported on events at National Headquarters.

Recessed at: 4:38PM

Reconvened at 7:04 PM

President Stewart recapped the status of the Alzheimer’s Cruise reservations

Treasurer Ken Carter updated members on the new 990N IRS form.

2007/2008 Budget was reviewed by Treasurer Ken Carter

Reviewed budget process. He recommended no change in the per capita tax.

Motion 2007-10-010 by First vice President Roepke, properly seconded, to retain the 70 cents per capita tax for one more year. Passed.

Strategic Planning Committee Chair David Whalen discussed outline. Will report in February.

Unfinished Business – Secretary William Leatham reported started to work on Historian records in storage locker. Thanked DVP Bartelt and Equipment Chair David Blackwell for their help.

Past President Pappa and Secreatry Leatham discussed name badges and, possible rollout to Chapters. Consensus favorable. Messrs. Carter and Leatham will work out cost recovery.

Pappa discussed embroidered NARFE seals. Had made at own expense. Offered to turn over project to Federation. The project was adopted by the Board.

DVP Bartelt recapped Convention minutes approval and how they were edited and approved.

PP Pappa reported on 2010-2011 convention siting.

Pres Stewart thanked Pappa for his efforts.

Coalition Coordinator Herb Sicular reported on his efforts.

Recessed: 9:32 PM


8:01 a.m. Called to order.

President Stewart thanked participants for their efficiency.

8:06 Recessed for Open Forum.

10:59 a.m. reconvened.

The good of the Federation:

Discussion on Strategic Plan.

Moment of Silent Prayer.

Adjourned 11:22 a.m.

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