The Meeting was called to order on February 21st at 1:00 PM by President Stewart, who started by observing a moment of silence. Treasurer Kenneth Carter led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Secretary Leatham called the roll of elected officers; Second Vice President Devers and District Vice President Bartelt were absent. The roll of appointed officers was called; Automation Chair Diana Leatham, Chaplain Maude Henderson, Legislative Chair Mobley, Recruiting Chair Fleck, and NARFE PAC Chair Wasson were not present.

First Vice President Wallace Roepke introduced Bob Lemley, President of Chapter 1224.

The minutes of the last meeting were presented by Secretary Leatham and accepted, there being no exceptions.

President Stewart announced that District Vice President Singletary resigned and that a caucus of District 5 Chapter Presidents had elected Jane Lemley to replace him.

 He also announced the selection of Clyde Young as Retention Chair, and that Don Wasson was returning to NARFE PAC as Chair.

 Motion 2008-02-01 by Past President Pappa, properly seconded, to confirm Young as Retention Chair, Wasson as NARFE PAC Chair, and Lemley as District Vice President. The motion passed.

The Treasurer’s Report was presented by Treasurer Carter, who went on to discuss the new tax filing requirement-form 990N. Incorporated chapters must file 990EZ per Region III Vice President Harrell.

Motion 2008-02-02 by Past President Pappa, properly seconded, to approve the Agenda with the right to adjust as necessary. The motion passed.

Verbal reports were given by District Vice Presidents to add to their written reports.  District Vice President Gerber reported that he had found three people to revive Chapter 1140. He was conducting the first installation during the 3rd week of the month.

Statewide Officer Reports were presented, the Secretary recapped issues with Chapters not reporting as to who were their officers.

Appointed Officers supplemental comments adding to their written reports were received.                     

Convention Chair John Ventura presided over the draw for seating at the Convention. The Order of precedence is Districts 10, 4, 8, 1, 7, 5, 9, 11, 6, 3, 2.

Zip Code Chair Margaret Pappa recapped latest Census/OPM information and presented inserts for the ZIP Code Book. 

President Stewart recapped discussions at District meetings about expanding the Convention to cover more presentations. Survivor Benefits and Thrift Savings Workshops were added on how to manage money and talk to a financial advisor (ABC’s of managing money). He thanked John Ledman for his work on the Survivor Benefits package.

President Stewart reported on the 2007 Alzheimer Cruise. He called on Alzheimer’s Chair Leonora Sicular to suggest which research should be awarded the proceeds. She suggested the “Chicago Fund” administered for NARFE.

 Motion 2008-02-03 by Past President Pappa, properly seconded, that the cruise proceeds be donated to NARFE Alzheimer’s Research fund. The motion passed.

 A formal presentation of the proceeds of the 2007 Alzheimer’s Cruise to Leonora Sicular on behalf of NARFE Alzheimer’s Research was effected.

President Stewart spoke about the 2008 Alzheimer Cruise and introduced Past President Pappa to discuss the 2008 cruise packages.

Past President Benjamin Pappa recapped 6 proposed ByLaw amendments that he had authored on behalf of the Executive Board. He mentioned that if approved by Convention, they would need further approval of the National Secretary before being implemented and published.

First Vice President Roepke reminded the Board that the Secretary can make conforming changes.

The meeting recessed at 2:46 PM and reconvened at 3:03 PM.

Mr. Pappa continued with explanation of the draft bylaws amendment resolutions.

NARFE Region III V.P. Robert Harrell mentioned that National Resolutions will be posted on the NARFE website well before the national convention. Members can register for the Convention, but they must coordinate with their Chapter President to ensure that they will be a delegate.

President Stewart requested the Treasurer review the budget status to date.

Motion 2008-02-04 by Past President Pappa, properly seconded, that $4,000 be added to the Executive Board meeting budget because of the projected overrun occasioned by greater participation at the earlier and present board meetings. The motion passed.

President Stewart remarked that he will try for a training session next fall.

Motion 2008-02-05 by Treasurer Carter, properly seconded, that the Board leave the Recruitment Budget in deficit balance of $1,105 until matching funds from National are requested and received.  The motion passed.

First Vice President Roepke mentioned the great success of Ed Fleck at Senior Fairs, most recently Bradenton, which was very well attended and effective.

Motion 2008-02-06 by Treasurer Carter, properly seconded, to increase the First Vice President’s budget by $350. The motion passed.

District 9 budget discussion followed.

Motion 2008-02-07 by Treasurer Carter, properly seconded, to increase the District 9 Vice President’s budget by $500 to accommodate the expenses of rescuing Chapter 1140.  

President Stewart passed the gavel to First Vice President Roepke to participate in the discussion.

Motion 2008-02-07 passed.

First Vice President Roepke passed the gavel back to President Stewart.

Motion 2008-02-08 by District Vice President Shaw, properly seconded, to add $250 to his budget. The motion passed.

The Secretary and Treasurer discussed the use of ePostage by the Secretary. There were no exceptions to proposed accounting in the absence of receipts.

Recessed at 4:31 PM.  Reconvened at 7:03 PM

New Business: Discussed possible training program for fall 2008 to tie in to the Executive Board meeting.

Chapter Assistance Chair David Whelan reported that there were 7 assistance requests, 2 from the Cape Coral Chapter.

He also reported on the Strategic Plan Committee: Their recommendation is based on the National Strategic Planning and Draft Membership plan, with a focus on what the Federation can accomplish.

A discussion of the National Treasurer’s guidelines for unified dues resolution that may be presented to National Convention followed.

Recessed at 9:27 PM.


Reconvened at 8:16 AM.

Discussed expected resolutions to be presented at the National Convention: unified dues, one member - one vote, etc..

Treasurer Carter and Region III Vice President Harrell discussed the importance of IRS 990N form filings by Chapters.

 Discussion on training seminars for 2008 fall, various options presented.

 Recessed for breakout discussion at 8:39 AM, and reconvened 10:08 AM.

 President Stewart requested reactions to Strategic Plan by April 15th.

 The President led in a Silent Prayer.

 Motion 2008-02-09 Motion to adjourn Treasurer Carter, properly seconded. The motion passed. The meeting concluded at 10:11 AM.



_______________________                                             ____________________

Donald E Stewart                                                              William H. Leatham

President                                                                         Secretary

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