24 OCTOBER – 25 OCTOBER 2008



The meeting was called to order at 2:03 PM October 24, 2008 by President Stewart, who led a moment of silent prayer. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Treasurer Ruth Blackwell

The Roll Call of Officers was conducted by Secretary William Leatham. All elected officers were present. Invited Appointed Chairs John Ventura, Beulah Greene, Nancy Roepke and Margaret Pappa were present.

Minutes of the last meeting were presented by the Secretary.

Motion 2454763-01 by Immediate Past President Pappa, properly seconded, to approve the minutes as presented was passed.

Motion 2454763-02 to approve the agenda with the right to modify as needed was proposed by Executive Vice President Roepke, properly seconded, passed.

Motion 2454763-03. The Secretary recorded the prior passage of the Electronic Motion confirming the appointment of James Greene as Retention Chair.

Motion 2454763-04 by Past President Pappa, properly seconded, to approve the nomination of Treva Devers as Legislative Chair passed.

Brief supplemental verbal reports of the District Vice Presidents (DVP) were presented:

DVP Shannon reported serious issues with one chapter, Lunar, that may have to close.

DVP Almodovar reported on the success of a Meet Your Candidates Night at the newly revived Homestead Chapter.

DVP Gerber reported that he may have district participation in a walk a thon.

Federation Wide Officers gave verbal supplemental reports:

Executive Vice President Roepke thanked Ed Fleck for exemplary job with Senior Fairs and reported that Public Relations Chair Harris was doing a great job assisting Chapters.

Vice President Carter circulated the new district meeting schedule.

Secretary Leatham made suggestions about modifying Convention procedures  to ease Secretary’s burden, such as briefing Ballot and Tellers, DVP's and Sergeants-at-Arms on Role Call votes and having a printing calculator for Ballot and Tellers use.

Treasurer Blackwell recapped issues closing last fiscal year, such as checks not being cashed.

Past President Pappa urged that there be physical mailings of all newsletters to all Chapters. President Stewart stated that the December newsletter will be mailed and we are seeking a volunteer for mailing.

President Stewart recapped the conference call with National President  Baptiste regarding concerns about “the perfect storm” as all trust funds are tapped out.

Appointed Officer Reports:

FEEA Chair Nancy Roepke emphasized the new FEEA address.

Zip Code Chair Pappa reviewed procedures involving Zip Code assignments.

2008 Alzheimer Cruise Chair, Past President Pappa reported that the 29 November Cruise had forty cabins presently asigned and had all filled, but one couple had illness, swapped, then two more cancelled and also found replacements. We need the forty for the half cruise of $600 bonus and to net $5,775 for this cruise.

Recessed at 3:28 PM and resumed at 3:43 PM.

Executive Vice President Roepke discussed the Per Capita Tax Assessment. One chapter did not pay this past year, reminded the chapter that it would lose delegates, etc.. The M-114 is used to calculate per capita tax. He called on Past President Pappa to explain per capita tax calculations.

Past President Pappa reported on the printing of the newly revised Constitution and By Laws at a cost of $898.80. He will distribute copies to DVP’s and the rest of the Executive Board.

Dues Withholding Chair Beulah Greene discussed progress of her program. There followed an explanation of the administration of the US OPM Dues Withholding system

Recessed for supper at 4:45 PM. Reconvened at 7:04 PM.

Region III Vice President Robert Harrell reported on the forthcoming Legislative Conference scheduled for 7- 10 March, Arlington, VA. National wants a big attendance, as there is concern over budget squeezes. They want Chapter calling committee to be activated to call members when needed about urgent political developments asking them to call their Congressman. The Region III Conference  is scheduled for Columbus October 6th-8th 2010. National is concerned about major membership losses. We need to address problems, need to find good leadership.

President Stewart stated that we need a plan of action and  requested suggestions within two weeks.  

Treasurer Ruth Blackwell reported on  the new IRS Filing Requirement . She reviewed a list of chapters believed not to have filed. She requested that DVP’s ensure that their chapters have filed.

Treasurer Ruth Blackwell reviewed the 2008/2009 Budget and raised the issue of the Per Capita Tax.

Motion 2454763-05 by Vice President Kenneth Carter, properly seconded, that we raise per capita tax to 80 cents.

Discussion followed.

Motion 2454763-06 by DVP Greene to move the previous question-passed.

Motion 2454763-05 Passed. The Per Capita Tax was set at 80 cents.

Regional VP Harrell mentioned that NARFE Premier Federal Credit Union was offering 4.06% interest bearing checking accounts to Chapters and Federations.

Motion 2454763-07 by DVP Greene, properly seconded, to require that the Treasurer investigate the use of a NARFE PFCU interest bearing checking account. Passed.

Treasurer Ruth Blackwell will research the tax implications of such interest income.

DVP and Retention Chair Greene and Robert Lemley, handed out and discussed retention program and tools.   

Chair John Ventura  reported on the 2009 Convention.  He has developed new format credentials to avoid persons sneaking in as happened last year. He has ditty bags, and confirmed meals, has developed forms, and has contracted with a band for the Luau, as well as many other items.

 He mentioned that last year's Registration Fee was $10. He needs Program Book ads. Past President Pappa suggested there be prizes for solicitors of ads, maybe a contest.

 It is sense of body that proxies be at no charge.

 Recessed at   9:35 PM.

 Recalled to order at 8:36 AM Saturday, 25 October 2008

 Motion 2454764-01 by Past President Pappa, properly seconded, that a "Commercial Non-Member Ad" incentive program be approved that would reward either a chapter or a person for a one half or full inside page, black and white ad for the 2009 convention program book. The ad must come to a conclusion and funds received, after which the chapter or person's name will be placed into a hopper. At the 2009 convention, a name will be drawn, and a first place prize of $100 and a second place prize of $50 will be awarded. Multiple ads will generate multiple entries for either the chapter or the person.

 Motion 2454764-02 DVP Shaw, properly seconded, called the question. Passed

 Motion 2454764-01 passed.

 Past President Pappa mentioned that Tuesday is a fun game night (bingo) with buffet and snacks, Wednesday would be a Hawaiian Luau, and Thursday night featured upgraded meals. All meals will be $33.50.

He indicated that NARFE PFCU invited, with the only inducement an added table (one paid).

National President Margaret Baptiste may attend.

President Stewart reminded everyone of the NARFE Legislative Training Conference, March 7-10, 2009. He will be attending at own expense due to the importance of Florida at the national level. FLFED will pay registration and banquet.

Region III VP Harrell indicated the conference will be filmed and made available as a DVD. The Secretary offered to duplicate  and distribute as requested.

Motion 2454764-03 by Vice President Carter, properly seconded, to pay registration fees for DVP Shaw, the President and any Executive Board member attending the Legislative Conference.

Motion 2454764-04 by Past President Pappa, properly seconded, to amend the foregoing motion to Pappa limit this to the 2009 conference. The amendment passed.


Motion 2454764-03 passed.

The Secretary introduced a draft resolution revising nominating procedures at conventions. It will be submitted electronically.

Motion 2454764-05 by Past President Pappa, properly seconded, that the Automation Chair be authorized to pursue to conclusion a replacement mechanism for e-mail bulletins.

Motion 2454764-06 by Executive Vice President Roepke, properly seconded, to move the question. Passed.

Motion 2454764-05 passed.

President Stewart reported on the Presidents’ Meeting: Action Plan for membership, Lunch and Learn lessons at Federal installations and Dues Withholding Contests all were suggested. They were referred to the Strategic Planning Committees, both National and Federation.

The Secretary requested that both Vice Presidents be reported on F-7 Chapter Rosters.

Motion 2454764-07 by Executive Vice President Roepke, properly seconded, to adjourn. Passed.

The meeting adjourned after observing a Moment of Silence at 11:30 AM.



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Donald E Stewart                                                              William H. Leatham

President                                                                         Secretary


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