Executive Board Meeting via GoToMeeting/Webinar


October 19, 2010




The meeting commenced at 10:00 AM.

In attendance were President Kenneth Carter, Executive Vice President Robert Shaw, Immediate Past President Donald Stewart, Treasurer Ruth Blackwell, Past President Benjamin Pappa, Vice President Jane Lemley, District Vice Presidents Sylvia Ventura, Richard Carroll, Robert Lemley, Kenneth Thomas, Sharon Bowman and Tony Torchia. Marc Harris represented District Vice President Lynne Isaacs.

President Carter led a moment of silent prayer, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance led by Vice President Lemley.

Motion 2455489-001 by Executive Vice President Shaw to approve the Minutes of the previous two meetings. Passed.

The Treasurer presented her report.

Motion 2455489-002 by Marc Harris to approve the report. Passed.

Motion 2455489-003 by Treasurer Blackwell to dispense with the 2010 per capita tax. Passed.

The 2011 Convention was discussed. President Carter indicated that there would be a workshop on Retention and Recruitment.

2455489-004 by District Vice President Ventura that the Federation pay for the workshop attendees lunch up to a maximum of $2,000. Passed.

The Secretary introduced the question of renewing our GoToWebinar subscription.

Motion 2455489-005 by Treasurer Blackwell to renew our subscription. Passed.

Motion 2455489-006 by Executive Vice President Shaw to continue our electronic dissemination of the newsletter. Passed. President Carter requested that he and District Vice President Carroll work on the next edition.

The issue of sending a representative to the National Legislative Conference was raised.

Motion 2455489-007 by District Vice President Sylvia Ventura that the Federation expend up to $1,500 in order for Vice President Lemley to attend the conference. Passed.

President Carter indicated that starting June 1, 2010, all Alzheimer's Fund contributions should be sent to the Alzheimer's Treasurer directly.
The meeting concluded at 11:26 AM.


Kenneth A. Carter

William H. Leatham

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