Florida Federation of Chapters of the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association, Inc.

Convention Minutes

May 4, 2010

President Roepke called the convention to order at 4:03 PM and passed the gavel to Convention Chair Ventura with thanks,. Mr. Ventura reminded the attendees about the dinner and tomorrow's events.
He turned the mike over to District Vice President Richard Carroll, Parade of Banners Chair, who called upon Lloyd Pearson to lead with the Federation banner, followed by the District and Chapter Banners.
The Colors were posted by Lake Brantley High School Air Force ROTC followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.
District Vice President Carroll read a tribute to the patriotism and the dedication of the American civil servant.
Chaplain Maude Henderson gave the Invocation and led the group in the singing of God Bless America.
Executive Vice President Kenneth Carter introduced Distinguished Guests: Margaret Baptiste, National President; Martha E. Leiker, Region VII Vice President and candidate for National Vice President; Frank Impinna, Colorado Federation President and candidate for National Treasurer and Robert Harrell Region III Vice President.
Secretary Leatham called the roll of the Executive Board. All elected officers were present.
President Roepke introduced National President Margaret Baptiste, who was welcomed with a standing ovation. She spoke, focusing on retention. She indicated that NARFE couldn’t continue to do business as usual. She reported that National is adopting electronic meetings and cutting staff. She stressed the importance of the forthcoming national convention.
Recessed at 5:05 pm.
May 5, 2010
President Wallace Roepke, who introduced the head table, recalled the convention to order at 8:34 AM. He welcomed the participants and gave his opening remarks.
Chair Sylvia Ventura District 8 Vice President gave the Credentials Preliminary Report. She reported that there were present delegates with a voting strength of 587, Proxies 53, Executive Board 16, Past Presidents 3, for a total of 659 and total attendance of 220 persons. There is a quorum.
MOTION 01: The Rules Committee Report was given by Chair Ron Cibolski, who introduced and thanked his committee. The committee proposed that the Standing Rules from the 2009 convention be adopted unchanged. Motion passed.
MOTION 02: President Wallace Roepke presented the convention agenda and requested a motion to accept the agenda with the right to amend as necessary. Executive Vice President Carter so moved. It was seconded and passed.
MOTION 03: Minutes Chair Jane Lemley District 5 Vice President, who thanked her committee and described the process followed, presented The Minutes of the Previous Convention. She recommended that the minutes be approved. Passed.
National Region III Vice President Robert Harrell presented an Outstanding Service Award for Region III to Federation Service Officer John Ledman. He reviewed the highlights of new initiatives at both the national and federation levels. He emphasized the importance of retention. He indicated that this would be his last meeting as Region III Vice President and thanked all for a great 6 years.
President Roepke presented a gift card for Outback Restaurant to Mr. Harrell as a token of appreciation.
Federation Officer's Reports:
President Wallace Roepke started by saying that we must accept that we have moved into the 21st century, an electronic era; he has introduced the use of GoToMeeting and held one board meeting that way. He has also established a committee headed by District Vice President Robert Shaw to develop an electronic newsletter.
Executive Vice President Kenneth Carte reported that he had visited 10 districts, and thanked all for warm receptions. He is working on a newsletter and has worked on negotiations with hotel for the 2011 convention. The Time, Place and Site Committee met with all 3 bidders for 2012 and 2013 conventions. He has spent many hours with troubled chapters and worked with Bob Lemley and Jim Greene to help the chapters recover.
Secretary William Leatham discussed the Federation's incorporation and its impacts.
Treasurer Ruth Blackwell recapped the financial results. She indicated that the full Audit Reports were in the Program Book. Audit Chair Larry Saunders had conducted audits of both the Federation finances and the Alzheimer's Fund. Mr. Saunders rose and reported everything was well documented and in order.
President Wallace Roepke accepted the Audit Reports.
President Roepke indicated that the District Vice Presidents would have further reports to present at District Caucuses.
The convention recessed at 9:24 AM.
The convention was recalled to order at 9:49 AM.
FB-001: The Constitution & By Laws Resolutions Committee Chair Herbert Sicular introduced his committee and presented FB-001, Federation Name Change.
Motion 04: He presented the committee's recommendation to amend the motion to adopt NARFE Florida, Inc. as the new name for the Federation. Resolution writer Leatham accepted the change.
Past President Benjamin Pappa spoke against the amendment. Secretary William Leatham spoke for the amendment.
Motion 04. Passed.
FB-001 as amended passed. The Federation’s name will henceforth be NARFE Florida, Inc.
FB-002 -Update of Appointed Positions. Chair Sicular went on to present FB-002. Moved passage.
Point Of Order-Past President Ann Murray asked for a clarification of National’s position vs. Federation’s.
FB-002 Unanimously passed.
FG-001: Chair Sicular went on to introduce FG-001 Electronic Meetings and recommended that it be adopted.
Speaking against-Bob Miller and Don Wasson. Past President Ann Murray asked for Point of Order questioning whether it should be a By Laws resolution. Speaking against was Past President Benjamin Pappa.
FG-001 Failed.
President Roepke then called upon General Resolutions Committee Chair Donald Wasson, who introduced his committee.
NG 001: Meetings. Mr. Wasson presented the resolution and recommended non-adoption.
Speaking for non-adoption Past President Benjamin Pappa, speaking against non-adoption Chapter 242 President Floyd Carroll and for resolution. Chapter 242 Secretary Robert Miller, and Rosabelle Judge Chapter 1984 spoke against adoption of resolution. Secretary Leatham spoke against the recommendation and in favor of the resolution. District 8 Vice President Sylvia Ventura spoke in favor of the recommendation and against proposal, as did Robert Flynn of Chapter 1551.
Motion 05: By Lloyd Pearson, moved the previous, seconded. Passed.
National President Baptiste commented that National was already using electronic meetings, and that the method may not be appropriate for all meetings.
Resolution not adopted.
NB-001 National Dues was introduced.
Robert Miller, Chapter 242 raised a Point of Order, Rosabelle V. Judge of Chapter 1984 spoke against.
National President Baptiste interjected that this was a start towards a final resolution. She hopes that all such resolutions will be consolidated into a final resolution.
Motion 06: District Vice President Sharon Bowman proposed an amendment to strike out the phrase "listing the amount of their Chapter dues". Resolution writer Secretary Leatham thanked her for spotting the error. Passed
NB-001 was adopted as amended.
President Roepke called upon Formal Resolutions Chair District Vice President Jane Lemley.
She proposed a Formal Resolution honoring former District Vice President Harold Bartelt . Motion passed unanimously. President Roepke and Chair Lemley presented the award to Carol Bartelt, his widow.
Chair Lemley then proposed a Formal Resolution honoring Past National President Frank Atwater. Motion passed unanimously. President Roepke and Chair Lemley presented the award to Melinda Atwater, his surviving spouse.
Chair Lemley then proposed a Formal Resolution honoring Past Federation President Guy Haviland. Motion passed unanimously. She then presented the award to Betty Haviland, wife of the late President.
A member from Chapter 1322 moved that we have biennial conventions. Ruled out of order.
Recessed 11:45
Resumed: 1:32 PM
Alzheimer's Chair Leonora Sicular reported the results of the Alzheimer's Fund 50/50 drawing. The winner was Helen Sachs.
Credentials Chair Sylvia Ventura gave the Interim Delegate Voting Strength of 614, Proxies 53, Executive Board 16, Past President 3, for a Total of 686. Present Executive Board 16, Past Presidents 3, Delegates 203, Alternates 4, Guests 12 and total attendance of 238.
Time, Place & Site Committee Chair Carroll Floyd presented the three proposed hotels for the 2012 and 2013 conventions would each be giving a ten minute presentation followed by a five minute question and answer period.
Mr. John DeRosa of the Tampa Marriott Westshore presented a slide show and gave package highlights of $89 rate with no attrition clause including breakfast, plus $31 dinners. The rate would be good 3 days before and after the convention.
Jackie Philips-Hilton Altamonte proposed meal packages for breakfast and dinner, the 7 & 8 floors would be private, $31 banquets, $89 room rate 3 days prior/post convention. All dates in May would be available. Includes breakfast.
Past President Pappa inquired about how would the 7 & 8 floors work in 2011. She replied that it would be the same as this year.
Adam Shapiro of the Doubletree Tampa followed her. He proposed post Memorial Day dates preferred, free breakfast buffet, $89 room rate ($99 for 3, $ 109 for 4,) $31 banquets plus 12% room rate tax.
Chair Floyd went on to introduce his committee and reported that the committee had no recommendation.
President Roepke inquired if we could postpone the decision until the next convention. Past President Pappa stated that we couldn’t hold off tentative contracts until next year in order to preserve dates.
Committee Member Phyllis Bernstein stated that we must act within a week to preserve the rates and dates. She made comments about both Tampa options.
Patricia Staley of Chapter 1224 recommended the Marriott. District Vice President Tony Mahig raised a question about Hospitality facilities. District Vice President Sylvia Ventura commented that Tampa is not central and that travel will hence cost more.
Lawrence McManus of Chapter 39 questioned whether there were complimentary meeting areas; he is in favor of the Hilton Altamonte. Treasurer Ruth Blackwell requested that Jackie Philips should have same time as Phyllis Bernstein. Phyllis Bernstein reported that there was no attrition in either Tampa contract. Chapter 717 delegate Diana Leatham inquired as to Executive Board meeting arrangements. The reply was that the committee was not requested to investigate such arrangements.
President Roepke inquired if the contracts were available for signing now. Answer was yes.
Motion 07: Past President Ben Pappa moved for a ballot vote. It was seconded and passed.
The vote results: Doubletree 202 votes, the Marriott 58 and for the Hilton, 395. The Hilton Altamonte Springs was selected.
President Roepke discharged the committee with thanks.
President Roepke then went on to nominations for statewide office and called upon Secretary Leatham as to nominations for President. Mr. Leatham reported that there was one nomination, Kenneth A. Carter. President Roepke then asked for nominations from the floor, repeating the call three times. There were no floor nominations. President Roepke declared Kenneth A. Carter elected by acclamation.
President Roepke then called upon Secretary Leatham as to nominations for Executive Vice President. Mr. Leatham reported that there was one nomination, Robert A. Shaw. President Roepke then asked for nominations from the floor, repeating the call three times. There were no floor nominations. President Roepke declared Robert A. Shaw elected by acclamation.
President Roepke then called upon Secretary Leatham as to nominations for Vice President. Mr. Leatham reported that there was one nomination, Jane C. Lemley. President Roepke then asked for nominations from the floor, repeating the call three times. There were no floor nominations. President Roepke declared Jane C. Lemley elected by acclamation.
President Roepke then called upon Secretary Leatham as to nominations for Secretary. Mr. Leatham reported that there was one nomination, William H. Leatham. President Roepke then asked for nominations from the floor, repeating the call three times. There were no floor nominations. President Roepke declared William H. Leatham elected by acclamation.
President Roepke then called upon Secretary Leatham as to nominations for Treasurer. Mr. Leatham reported that there was one nomination, Ruth W. Blackwell. President Roepke then asked for nominations from the floor, repeating the call three times. There were no floor nominations. President Roepke declared Ruth W. Blackwell elected by acclamation.
This was followed by National candidate speeches:
Lawrence McManus of Chapter 39 on behalf of Joe Beadouin, candidate for National President, Ray Harrington-candidate for Secretary; Martha Leicker, candidate for Vice President; Donald Stewart and Benjamin Pappa candidates for Region III Vice President.
Convention Chair John Ventura reported on room assignments for District caucuses.
Recessed at 3:51 PM

May 6, 2010

At 8:15 AM there was a Memorial Service in memory of deceased members conducted by Chaplain Maude R. Henderson with District Vice President Lucette Chizik assisting, after which the convention adjourned briefly.
Resumed 9:38 AM.
Appointed Chairs gave their verbal reports.
Chair Leonora Sicular, Results of the Alzheimer’s 50/50 Drawing
Automation Chair Diana Leatham gave her report
Chapter Assistance Program Chair David Whalen reported that District 3 had the most requests and 26 chapters had submitted requests
Coalition Coordinator Herb Sicular gave his report
Dues Withholding Chair Beulah Greene reported that $800 was awarded to 24 winners with only 33 chapters participating- District 3 had the most entries and Chapter 1224 the most activity.
Legislation Chair Lance Jones reported it was a good year and thanked Diana and Bill Leatham for the web update, which is a good teaching resource for Chapter Legislation Officers. An exciting summer is coming up.
FEEA Chair Nancy Roepke reported that she had raised $1,300 so far at the convention.
Recruiting Chair Ed Fleck reminded all that Recruitment is a contact sport. Our numbers give teeth to Legislation, Dues withholding is the front end to retention.
Retention Co-Chairs Jim Greene and Bob Lemley reported that they worked with District Vice Presidents to assist 7 troubled chapters and revive them. Titusville was the biggest accomplishment. The Federation has not closed a chapter in 2 years. We do not close chapters in Florida. Retention starts the day the member joins. Involvement. Working on training Membership chairs on reading M-112 and Roadmap to Retention.
NARFE-PAC: Executive Vice President Carter filling in reported that he has 3 volunteers from which a new chair will be selected.
Service Officer John Ledman emphasized that the “Be Prepared for Life’s Events” booklet has been newly redone and better. It should be filled out and ready for any emergency. Money should be set aside to help the survivor until survivor benefits are paid.
Public Relations Chair Marc Harris is trying to do a lot of work to keep NARFE’s name out there. National has developed meeting announcement posters. “What have you done for me lately” poster was also created. YouTube video ad by Mike Causey is available on the web. Copies will be available for all chapters through the Federation. Senior Connection Magazine ads request will be presented to Board. If approved matching funds will be requested from National.
ZIP Code Chair Margaret Pappa reported that over 1,400 zip codes are assigned .
Executive Vice President Kenneth Carter extended a warm welcome to anyone who wants to work with the Federation. He stated that Nancy Roepke and Evelyn Carter would be hosting a Farewell and Welcome Party in Room 618.
Hobby Show Chair Robert Shaw thanked all who manned the show, and congratulated the winners: Leon Becker of Port St. Lucie, Best of Show; Best of Division-Division 1 Nancy Playa of Chapter 1589; Division 2 Lois Sandy Walker of Chapter 717 and Division 3 Suzanne Tower of Chapter 1414.
The Final Credential Report was presented by Chair Sylvia Ventura, who started by thanking both the Registration and Credentials committee members: Delegate Voting Strength 617, Proxy Voting Strength 53, Executive Board 16, Past Presidents 3, for a total of 689. Present at convention Executive Board 16, Past Presidents 3, Delegates 207, Alternates 3, Guests 15, for a total of 244 persons attending.
Vendors awarded door prizes.
Chair Nancy Roepke and Virginia Hawsey Region III FEEA Coordinator conducted the FEEA Drawing. The winner was Donna Bishop Chapter 1224.
President Roepke called upon Secretary Leatham to report on nominations for District Vice President from the District caucuses. Secretary Leatham reported the following unopposed nominations;
District 1 Barry Haber
District 2 Richard Carroll
District 3 Charles Shannon
District 4 Lynn C. Isaacs
District 5 Robert Lemley
District 6 Anthony Torchia
District 7 Angel Almodovar
District 8 Sylvia Ventura
District 9 Kenneth Thomas
District 10 Lucette Chizik
District 11 Sharon Bowman
They were declared elected by acclamation.
Federation Awards were presented by President Roepke with the assistance of Executive Vice President Carter:
First was a Lifetime Achievement Award to Lloyd Pearson, followed by plaques for Distinguished Service to Living Past Federation Presidents James Lambert, Roy Reichelt, Ann S. Murray, David Whalen, Benjamin J. Pappa, Jr. and Donald Stewart.
This was followed by Volunteers of the Year to William and Diana Leatham; Distinguished Service to John and Sylvia Ventura for their dedicated work at conventions; a Plaque of Appreciation to Edward Fleck for his tireless recruiting efforts and Plaques of Appreciation for Retention to Toni Mahig and Jane Lemley for help in preserving Chapters.
The Man of the Year Award was a double presentation to James Greene and Robert Lemley for recovering lapsed members and restoring lapsed chapters.
Leonora Sicular was presented with the Woman of the Year.
A Meritorious Service award was presented to Ruth Blackwell, followed by Plaques of Appreciation to Marc Harris, Nancy Roepke, David Whelan, Maude Henderson, Herb Sicular, Beulah Greene, Margaret Pappa, Donald Stewart, H. Lance Jones, Phyllis Bernstein and Gwen Harvey. James Greene received the "Entertainer of the Year" Award.
Then President Roepke awarded a Plaque of Recognition to former Federation Vice President Richard Gerber for his efforts in Chapter retention.
President Roepke expressed his appreciation to everyone for their support during the past year.
Executive Vice President Kenneth Carter presented a plaque to President Roepke in grateful appreciation for his leadership and dedication. Mr. Roepke thanked everyone who participated in NARFE.
Recessed at 11:56 AM.
The convention was recalled to order at 1:32 PM by Executive Vice President Kenneth Carter, as President Roepke had been taken ill.
Motion 08: Mr. Carter called upon Ballot and Tellers Chair Terry Greenwood, who recognized the members of his committee. Mr. Greenwood moved destruction of ballots. Motion passed.
Acting President Carter introduced David Sullivan, candidate for National Secretary, who spoke focusing on recruitment and retention. Shelton Hawsey, candidate for Region III Vice President and Frank Impinna, candidate for National Treasurer.
Presentation of prizes followed. Dues Withholding Contest Drawing winners were presented their awards by Chair Beulah Greene: $200-Eleanor Brinkley of Chapter 609-Palm Beach, $50 to Margaret Cutts and $50 to Chapter 0647 member Aaron Kianofsky.
Acting President Kenneth Carter presented National President Margaret Baptiste with a ceremonial Florida pen. Mrs. Baptiste thanked the members and expressed pleasure at being with friends.
H. Lance Jones then spoke on Legislation. It will be a busy primary season, 16 senate candidates, over 120 congressional candidates. He is trying to set up a Senate candidates' debate limited to NARFE issues and members. He asked for help. He is working with Public Relations Chair Marc Harris. He urged the attendees to support candidates recommended by National, asking them to "vote your wallet".
Mr. Carter asked the audience to keep Wallace Roepke in their prayers.
Leonora Sicular, Alzheimer's Chair, presented the FEEA contest prizes on behalf of Chair Nancy Roepke to Jo Cibolski and Linda Levenson.
Past President Pappa thanked everyone for their help in making the 50's Night a great success.
The Benediction was given by Chaplain Maude Henderson followed by the singing of "Let there be peace on earth".
The convention concluded at 2:21 PM.
Post Convention Activities:
The Formal Installation Banquet was held at 6:00 PM, starting with the Parade of Officers, who were introduced by Past Federation President Ann Murray
After dinner National President Margaret Baptiste conducted the Installation of Officers. She presented the gavel to incoming President Carter in the absence of outgoing President Roepke.
There were brief comments by Federation President Carter.
The banquet concluded with the Benediction by Chaplain Maude Henderson and the singing of “ Auld Lang Syne".

Respectfully submitted,

William H. Leatham
Convention and Federation Secretary


Jane Lemley
Minutes Committee