FEBRUARY 3-, 2011






February 3, 2011

Called to order at 1:00 P.M. by President Carter, who then led a Moment of Silent Prayer, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance led by Vice President Jane Lemley.

Secretary Leatham called the roll of elected officers, all of whom were present or represented by proxies. Marc Harris attended in place of District Vice President Lynne C. Isaacs and David Whalen for Junior Living Past President Wallace Roepke. Appointed Chairs Marc Harris (Public Relations), David Whalen (Chapter Assistance Program), Robert Miller (Hotel Facilitator), Benjamin Pappa (Parliamentarian), Margaret Pappa (Zip Code Chair) were also present.

 Executive Vice President Robert Shaw introduced National President Joseph A. Beaudoin and Region III Vice President Donald Stewart.   

MOTION 2455596-01 by Vice President Jane C. Lemley, properly seconded, to approve the minutes of the last meeting. Passed.

MOTION 2455596-02 by Vice President Jane C. Lemley, properly seconded, to approve the agenda with a right to amend as necessary. Passed.

Treasurer Ruth W. Blackwell gave the Treasurer's Report.

MOTION 2455596-03 by District Vice President Sylvia Ventura, properly seconded, to approve the report. Passed.

Reports of District Vice Presidents were given.

Chapter Assistance Program Chair David L. Whalen reported.

Past President Benjamin Pappa reported on the 2011 Alzheimer's Benefit Cruise. 78 attended and $4,683.62 was raised. Approximately $3,000 has already inadvertently been forwarded to Alzheimer's Research in Chicago.

MOTION 2455596-04 by Acting District Vice President Marc Harris, properly seconded, that the balance of the funds also be given to Alzheimer's Research in Chicago. Passed.

National President Joseph A. Beaudoin spoke. He was here to visit the Rosen Conference Center for the  2014 convention. There are 7 new national board members. Discussed e-Chapters. National has hired M&R Strategic Services to help guide us through the Deficit Reduction process. They have helped AARP, etc.. NARFE needs members to have a bigger voice in Congress.


Treasurer Ruth Blackwell advised that chapter voting strength, etc. , had been distributed to each chapter.

President Carter introduced Newsletter Editor Diana Finch, who spoke about the Federation Newsletter.

Convention General Chair John Ventura reported on preparations.  He conducted the District Seating drawing. Seating order will be: Dist. 1in 8th, Dist.2 in 3rd, Dist. 3 in 9, Dist 4 in 7th, Dist 5 in 6th, Dist. 6 in 10th, Dist. 7 in 4th, District 8 in 11th ,Dist. 9 in 1st, Dist. 10 in 2nd , and Dist 11 in 5th position. There will be a Training Session on Tuesday, May 3rd, 10:00-12 am. Members must attend all training to be eligible for a free lunch.

President Carter encouraged attendance at the regional training in October. The Federation will support as many attendees as it can afford.

National Region III Vice President Stewart indicated that it would be held in Albany, GA. Rooms will cost $69 a night with a $40 registration charge that includes a meal.  He also indicated that there may be a Webinar on legislation following the national legislation conference. Legislative Director Dan Adcock will be available to participate.

Recessed 2:26 and resumed  at 2:41 PM.

Old Business:

Executive Vice President Robert Shaw reported on the Automation of Federation newsletter, recommending a monthly newsletter posted on website. Secretary Leatham will post the newsletter received from Editor Diana Finch and notify voting members to advise chapter officers of its availability. Ms. Finch's email address is

President Carter accepted the report and discharged the committee.

The Redistricting of chapters was next. Chair Leatham introduced the committee: Robert Lemley, Margaret Pappa, and Kenneth Thomas. He thanked Past President Pappa for his technical support. Messrs. Lemley and Thomas reviewed the logic and thoughts behind the proposal. (see attached report).

There was extensive discussion.

MOTION 2455596-05 by Acting District Vice President Marc Harris, seconded by District Vice President Shannon, to adopt the proposal as presented.

MOTION 2455596-06 by District Vice President Shannon seconded by District Vice President Bowman that draft districts referenced as  E and F in the proposal be split into 3 districts. Motion failed.

MOTION 2455596-05 passed. The Re-Districting Committee proposal was adopted.

District Vice President Bob Lemley proposed a district numbering suggestion .  Draft District A would be District 1, Draft District B would be District 2, Draft District C would be District 3 , Draft District D would be District 5, Draft District E would be District 4, Draft District F would be District 7, Draft District G would be District 8 and Draft District H would be District 6.

MOTION 2455596-07 by District Vice President Sylvia Ventura, properly seconded,  to adopt this district numbering recommendation. Passed.

President Carter discharged Re-Districting Committee.

The meeting adjourned at 3:59 PM

February 4, 2010

The meeting resumed at 8:58 AM.

District Vice president Anthony Torchia requested an additional $100 for his district meeting.

So moved  MOTION 2455597-01 by District Vice President Charles Shannon, properly seconded,. passed.

Region III Vice President spoke about the threats to our pensions and benefits. The NARFE response will cost lots of money. We need grassroots support to bolster our consultant, M&R. Use crisis to recruit. Coalition with others. Get out and see your Congressman.

He asked Secretary Leatham to speak about e-Chapters.

President Carter instruct the Secretary to contact National to the effect that Florida is ready to host an e-Chapter.

MOTION 2455597-02 by Acting District Vice President Marc Harris, properly seconded, that the Federation support the e-NARFE initiative with 30 day reports of progress. Passed.

President Carter reminded Board that there would be two board meetings, one immediately before the convention after the Budget Meeting set for May 2nd at 10 AM. The May 3 Board meeting will receive the proposed budget, which will be acted on the day after convention. Vice President Jane Lemley will train new District Vice Presidents in the hour before the second board meeting on 6th.

MOTION 2455597-03 by District Vice President  Richard Carroll, properly seconded,  to adjourn. Passed

Adjourned at 10:26 AM



Kenneth A. Carter




William H. Leatham



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