MAY 6-, 2011





 At 9:02 am the Executive Board was called to order by President Carter, followed by a moment of silence. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Vice President Jane C. Lemley.

Secretary Leatham called the roll. All members were present except for District Vice President Bruce Roggenkamp. The post of District Vice President for District 4 is vacant.               

Executive Vice President Thomas introduced guests Marc Harris, Diana Leatham, Anthony Torchia, Benjamin and Margaret Pappa, Sharon Bowman

Motion 2455687-01 by Vice President Jane C. Lemley, properly seconded, to approve the minutes of the May 3rd meeting. Passed.

Motion 2455687-02 by District Vice President Robert E.. Lemley, properly seconded, to approve the agenda, with the right to modify as needed. Passed.

The Treasurer's Report was postponed until the budget discussion.

Reports of District Vice Presidents were given. New District Vice Presidents Patricia Shaw and Larry Reeves were introduced.

The vacancy of the District 4 Vice President was discussed.

There was a discussion on the 2011 Convention led by Chair John Ventura.

Motion 2455687-03 by District Vice President Sylvia Ventura, properly seconded to give the 10% Federation share of the 2011 Convention proceeds to the point system. Passed

President Carter nominated John Ventura as Convention General Chair for the 2012 Convention. The nomination was unanimously approved.

President Carter proposed the following Standing Committees nominations:

Alzheimer's Chair Lenora Sicular

Alzheimer's Treasurer Pat Staley

Auditor Larry Saunders

Legislative Chair Anthony Torchia

Newsletter Editor Dianna Finch

Recruiting Chair Sharon Bowman

Retention Co-Chair James Greene & Robert Lemley 


Coalition Coordinator Herbert Sicular


Motion 2455687-04 by Vice President Jane C. Lemley, properly seconded, to approve the appointments. Passed

The President and Treasurer presented the proposed budget for 2011/2012 and Treasurer Ruth Blackwell gave her report.

The President, Treasurer, and Past President Pappa recapped the calculations and estimates.

The meeting recessed at 9:59 AM and resumed at 10:11 AM.

Motion 2455687-05 by District Vice President Robert E. Lemley, properly seconded, to approve the budget Passed.

Motion 2455687-06 by District Vice President Richard Carroll, properly seconded motion to approve the Fiscal Policy as amended to require monthly expense voucher submission. Approved.

Regional Vice President Don Stewart spoke on Regional Training Session, with 4 breakout sessions daily 

Margaret Pappa gave a Zip Code Presentation and update.

 District Vice President Sylvia Ventura will review convention surveys and advise. Her preliminary analysis is that attendees want a Congressman, or other headliner, with updates as to what is happening in nation and Florida.

A general discussion on convention issues followed.


Adjourned 11:30 AM.


__________________________           __________________________

Kenneth Carter                                    William H. Leatham

President                                            Secretary



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