October 7, 2011





President Kenneth Carter called the meeting to order at 10:00 am following with a Moment of Silence. Vice President Jane Lemley led the Pledge of Allegiance.

The Secretary reported the attendees reported as attending by GoToWebinar and presented the Minutes of the Last Board Meeting.

In electronic attendance were: President Kenneth A. Carter, Executive Vice President Kenneth J. Thomas, Vice President Jane C. Lemley, Secretary William H. Leatham, Treasurer Ruth W. Blackwell, Benjamin Parzentny sitting in for District Vice President Patricia Shaw, District Vice Presidents Richard A. Carroll and Larry Reeves, John Ledman attending for District Vice President Shirley A. Honey, District Vice Presidents Robert E. Lemley, Bruce C. Roggenkamp and Angel Almodovar. Observing was Marc Harris, President of Chapter 2364.

Motion 01 by District Vice President Robert Lemley, properly seconded, to approve the minutes. Passed.

Treasurer Ruth Blackwell read a letter from Nancy Roepke thanking NARFE Florida for its donation in memory of her husband, Past President Wallace W. Roepke.

Motion 02 by Vice President Jane C. Lemley to approve the agenda, with the right to amend as necessary, properly seconded. Passed.

Treasurer Ruth Blackwell gave her report.

Motion 03 by Executive Vice President Kenneth Thomas, properly seconded  to approve her report. Passed.

A discussion on the 2012 Convention 2011 followed. Unfortunately, District Vice President Sylvia Ventura, representing Convention General Chair John Ventura was unable to connect to the meeting. President Carter reviewed the contract status with the hotel and indicated the same arrangements, including free luncheon, for those attending the training session. Executive Vice President Kenneth Thomas reported on the convention pins. He is presently awaiting final bids.

To allow for several attendees to resolve technical issues, President Carter skipped to the issue of Procedures for Moving Zip Codes, clarifying that zip codes from a closing chapter did not have to be made in bulk.

The next agenda item was the issue of “Eligible Immediate Past President”. President Carter called on the Secretary to present the issue. The Secretary presented two questions: 1) Did the appointment by Immediate Past President Roepke of Past President Whalen to serve as his surrogate expire with Mr. Roepke and, 2) if so, did Past President Benjamin J. Pappa, Jr. meet the definition of “Eligible Immediate Past President” 

The Secretary polled the Board as to their understanding on the first question, and it was decided that the appointment of Mr. Whelan by Mr. Roepke did not survive his death by a vote of seven “yes”, one “no”, and one abstention. One member could not be heard.

At President Carter’s direction, Mr. Leatham went on to the second question, and displayed on screen and presented a legal opinion by Terry Zitek, Esq. indicating why this vote was necessary and why the Executive Board must address this question, as well as an opinion on the issue by National Parliamentarian Paul Lamb, and the precedent set in like circumstances by Past National President Charles Fallis with regard to a like position on the Virginia Federation Board.

He then polled the Board. There were 7 “no” votes and one abstention. Two members could not be heard. President Carter declared that this decision that Mr. Pappa did not meet the definition of “Eligible Immediate Past President” was final.

President Carter then called on Chapter 2364 ( NARFE Florida eChapter) President Marc Harris, who reported that his chapter has grown from the six founding members to 40, which includes seven current federal employees. He has attended two recruiting sessions, and is having the first electronic chapter meeting the coming Tuesday. He regards the eChapter as a retention tool. National Region III Vice President Donald E. Stewart reported that the National eChapter now has 1,221 members, 90% of which are new members. 60-65% are current federal employees. 

Procedures for Moving Zip Codes were reviewed.

President Carter then called on District Vice Presidents to speak on any issues or concerns. District Vice President Richard Carroll inquired as to the 2012 Convention Parade of Banners. District Vice President Bruce Roggenkamp raised the issue of Chapter 259, Clearwater, which is troubled. Mr. Carter indicated that Executive Vice President Kenneth Thomas was polling District Vice Presidents as to troubled chapters and would work with Retention Co-chairs James Greene and Robert Lemley and Vice President Jane Lemley to work to resolve these problems.

He then called upon Appointed Chairs to raise any issues. Service Officer John Ledman praised his backups, Ben Parzentny and Philip Bernstein.

Vice President Jane Lemley was called upon to review the forthcoming District meetings, reporting that only the District 7 meeting information was pending. President Carter reminded attendees that the Executive Board had decided to advance each District $300 for their meeting, and that no travel monies were available for speakers; presenters should be recruited locally. Also, that persons campaigning for office could not seek reimbursement. District Vice President Robert E. Lemley offered to conduct retention training at District meetings, as he was traveling with his wife, Vice President Jane C. Lemley, who would be attending all district meetings, so there would be no expense. President Carter stated that District Vice Presidents would be independently determining their agendas. National Region III Vice President Donald Stewart offered to do presentations on developing officers at no expense to Districts, as he was attending at his expense.

Treasurer Ruth Blackwell discussed issues that she has run into with convention checks.

Executive Vice President Kenneth J. Thomas requested that District Vice Presidents give a report on the status of all their chapters.. He will be working on mentoring issues. 

Motion 04 by Executive Vice President Kenneth A. Thomas, properly seconded, that an invitation be extended to Commissioner of Agriculture Adam Putnam to speak at our 2012 convention. The motion was not acted upon.

Motion 05 by Secretary Leatham, properly seconded, that an Agenda Committee chaired by Convention General Chair John Ventura, with Executive Vice President Kenneth Thomas and Vice President Jane C. Lemley, plus such other members as Mr. Ventura and President Carter may find advisable, be established to determine the 2012 Convention Agenda. Passed.

Motion 06 by Vice President Jane Lemley, properly seconded, that a certified Parliamentarian be appointed for the 2012 Convention. Passed.

Motion 07 by Executive Vice President Kenneth J. Thomas, properly seconded, to adjourn. Passed.

President Carter closed the meeting at 11:28 AM.



Kenneth A. Carter




William H. Leatham

Federation Secretary








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