August 18, 2012




 President Kenneth Thomas called the meeting to order at 12:04 pm.  Invocation was given by Ken Thomas, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance led by DVP Robert Lemley. Secretary Reeves called the roll.  

 In electronic attendance were:  President Kenneth Thomas, Executive Vice President Jane Lemley, Vice President William Leatham, Secretary CarolJoy Reeves, Treasurer Ruth Blackwell, Merle Joy sitting in for District Vice President Richard Carroll, John Ledman attending for District Vice President Shirley Honey, District Vice Presidents Robert Lemley, Larry Reeves, James Greene, Robert Shaw, Bruce Roggenkamp and Angel Almodovar.  Also in attendance was Past President Kenneth Carter.  President Thomas stated that there was a quorum.

President Ken Thomas asked if all executive board members had the opportunity to review the secretary minutes from the post convention board meeting and if there were any additions or corrections?  Hearing none, the minutes are approved.

 Treasurer Ruth Blackwell gave her report which included the audit of the 2012 Florida State Convention expenses.  President Thomas asked if there were any questions, hearing none, the Treasurer report is approved.

 President Kenneth Thomas discussed the Webinar ground rules and the agenda.

A discussion of the Chapter Assistance Program (CAP) followed.

President Thomas stated that immediately after the State Convention, he received five CAP application requests.  After verifying the guidelines and reviewing the requests, he approved two of the requests. He stated that in the past, no receipts were provided nor had a hard copy of documentation been provided. He stated that we should be using the Office of Management & Budgeting process of evidence based budgeting for the CAP and be looking at the results.  Executive Vice President Jane Lemley stated that we need to go back to the original intent of the Chapter Assistance Program.  It is a six month process (Jan-Jun and Jul-Dec).  All DVP's should remind chapters that a report and receipts have to be submitted prior to receiving a second request.  DVP Robert Lemley agrees with the program and stated that a report should be submitted for what the expenses were and what were the results.  Treasurer Ruth Blackwell stated the report needs to have receipts.  Past President, Kenneth Carter agrees to keep the program, but it needs to be tightened up.  President Ken Thomas stated that the chapter needs to be specific in their application for the use of the funds - just stating "Public Relations" is not acceptable.  The CAP funds need to be used for recruiting and retention.  He also stated that Linda Harmon is the appointed officer for the CAP.  President Thomas stated that the program will remain active for now and he will review again in six months.

The next agenda item was a discussion of the 2012 Fiscal Policy.

President Ken Thomas reviewed the 2012 Fiscal Policy and stated that it be amended in section 4. DISTRICT ANNUAL MEETINGS AND SPECIAL INVITATIONS, last paragraph (c) after the sentence "The President must approve overages in advance." add "Overages not approved by the President will be borne by the District". 

Motion 01 by Vice President William Leatham to accept the 2012 Fiscal Policy amended, properly seconded.  Passed

President Ken Thomas then called for Appointed Officer suggestions and encouraged all District Vice Presidents for suggestions on filling positions. He stated that there were 11 people who signed up from the invitations that were handed out at district meetings; however they have withdrawn (there were 2 withdrawals due to medical reasons).  President Thomas stated that several committees have already met and he would like to see co-chairs in each of the committees.  However, there are still positions open for Coalition coordinators; Membership and Recruiting officers.  He encouraged all executive board members to offer any suggestions to him in an email format. 

Motion 02 by District Vice President Robert Lemley to accept and approve the listing of Appointed Officers, properly seconded.  Passed 

President Ken Thomas then turned over the meeting to Vice President William Leatham who discussed Integrating Technology and the use of GoToWebinar.  He stated we are not giving new NARFE members much value for their money in that we are not communicating with the members.  Florida is the only Federation with a Go to Webinar established which permits 1000 people to meet.  He suggested that we have a GoToWebinar meeting where we invite all chapter officers in Florida to attend.  This way more members could communicate with chapter officers about our programs, etc.  Future Webinars could be held for other topics such as an online meeting with Blue Cross Blue Shield; online training, legislative issues and other national news.  President Ken Thomas asked the executive board members for any comments or questions.

Treasurer Ruth Blackwell stated that she was looking at the membership numbers from last year and that we could invite all members with an email to see how many would show up.   Vice President William Leatham stated that there are roughly over 2000 members with emails and if half showed up, it would be great.  DVP Bruce Roggenkamp stated that he liked the idea and would like to have meetings with Chapter Presidents and to have online training.  Merle Joy commented that this was his first time attending a conference and the process was easy.  President Ken Thomas stated that he would like an executive board meeting every 6 weeks to last no longer than one hour.  He stated that in a future meeting, he would like to share his visit with the Georgia Federation about their reinstatement and retention program and would like to provide training in the GoToWebinar format. As there were no other comments or questions for Vice President William Leatham, President Ken Thomas stated that the GoToWebinar was an excellent idea and we should get it going.

Reporting Requirements:

Executive Vice President Jane Lemley thanked all of the District Vice Presidents for providing chapter delegates and proxies for the upcoming 2012 NARFE National Convention.  She requested all DVP's to submit chapter reports, membership reports and chapter bylaws for review and that she has received all but two reports.  She also stated that she would be sending a request to the DVP's next week.  

Unfinished Business (Old Business):

He stated that there were 3 items that were from the post convention agenda meeting that we did not get to.  The first item was training.  We have provided16 training suggestions for the state convention to the training committee.  There was suppose to be a retention PowerPoint presentation and President Thomas asked Vice president William Leatham to get it going by possibly using GoToWebinar.  The third item was the Convention Book.  There will be a change in the convention program book in that the agenda will be placed in front of the book to make it easier for the members attending the convention.  President Thomas informed the executive board members that the Treasurer just received a $150.00 check last week from one of the sponsors.  He stated that he would like to institute a new process wherein a sponsor will not have their advertisement in the program book without first receiving their check.  President Thomas informed members to let him know of any suggestions for other changes. 

New Business:

President Ken Thomas informed the executive board members that the theme for the Florida State Convention next year is "Come soar with us" (with pictures of eagles soaring).  DVP Bruce Roggenkamp asked if he could share the theme with his chapters and President Thomas replied yes.

Questions & Answers:

DVP Robert Shaw asked who will be handling the State Convention packages.  President Thomas replied that Mr. John Ventura will be the Convention Co-Chairman along with Marge and Kent Pfremmer. Marge has extensive experience for conventions.  President Thomas stated that Mr. Ventura has not yet announced his committee members, but should have the information by the middle of September. 

DVP James Greene asked if there was any one in the district that goes after the new members and delinquent members because he has six chapters that do not meet in the summer.  DVP Greene asked each Chapter President if he could personally contact these members and he received three responses from 11 chapters.  Is there anyone with suggestions on how to handle the M-112 and M-114 reports while the chapters are closed?  DVP Robert Lemley replied that it is something that needs to be done and some chapters have their secretary perform the duties of the membership chair.  DVP Angel Almodovar asked if the request by DVP James Greene could be placed into an email and sent to all DVP's to pass on to their Chapter Presidents for the Chapter's Membership Chair.  DVP Robert Lemley replied that Executive Vice President Jane Lemley has already sent out an email requesting all DVP's to do a monthly membership report based on the M-110 report.  She has received some responses back.

Past President Ken Carter requested that any email which needs to be printed be sent to him at

President Thomas asked for any other comments or questions before benediction.  Hearing none, he gave the benediction followed with a Moment of Silence.

President Ken Thomas requested all executive board members to check their calendars and send him an email as to their availability for the next EB Webinar meeting to be held between October 22-31, 2012. 

Motion 03 by Vice President William Leatham to adjourn, properly seconded. Passed


Meeting adjourned 13:40 pm



Kenneth J. Thomas



 CarolJoy Reeves 

CarolJoy Reeves



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