October 30th, 2012




The meeting was called to order at 10:19 by President Thomas, who followed by giving the Invocation. District Vice President (DVP) Richard Carroll led the Pledge of Allegiance.

In attendance were President Kenneth Thomas, EVP Jane Lemley, VP Leatham, Treasurer Ruth Blackwell, Past President Kenneth Carter, DVP's Angel Almodovar, James, Greene, Robert Lemley, Richard Carroll, Shirley Honey and Robert Shaw. Also present was NARFE Region III Vice President Donald Stewart.

Treasurer Blackwell reported on finances. She them moved to set the Per capita Tax at zero. Seconded. DVP Carroll requested information about the amounts raised by the per capita tax, which Ms. Blackwell answered. DVP Shaw spoke in favor. The motion passed.

DVP Shaw inquired whether Chapter Assistance Program Funds could be used for newsletters. President Thomas responded that they could only be used for additional printing expenses when being used as handouts at recruiting events.

President Thomas asked for a motion to approve Messrs. Brannon and Pierino respectively as Recruiting Chair and Co-Chaplain. VP Leatham so moved. Seconded. Passed. 

President Thomas requested that Districts 3, 4 and 7 complete their District Meeting arrangements and advise the VP.

EVP Lemley reported only receiving four completed Chapter Visitation forms. She requested prompt completion of these reports, and also reminded the DVP's to get copies of the Chapter Bylaws.

DVP Shirley Honey asked a question about District Meetings. DVP Carroll inquired about the logos on banners.

President Thomas urged that Chapters get new banners.

DVP Carroll asked about the expenses normally charged by the Retention Committee and was advised by President Thomas that they were typically fopr gas and meals.

President Thomas reported on the 2013 Convention plans.

DVP Greene inquired as to how many Chapters were deemed in need of assistance and President Thomas reported that the number was 17, as two had been recently resolved. No merging, no closings except for University Village last year.

There was further discussion on the 2013 Convention. 

President Thomas reviewed the 2013/2014 events occurring in Florida. He mentioned that he had been elected President of the Federation President's Council, and would be hosting its meeting in July, 2013. 

President Thomas gave the benediction.

The meeting adjourned at 11:20 AM.



C. J. Reeves, Secretary




Kenneth J. Thomas




(Minutes approved by electronic motion of 2/17/2013, 8 in favor, 5 non voting)


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