February 24, 2013





President Kenneth Thomas called the meeting to order at 12:59 pm Invocation was given by Ken Thomas, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance led by DVP Robert Lemley.


In electronic attendance were:  President Kenneth Thomas, Executive Vice President Jane Lemley, Vice President William Leatham, Secretary CarolJoy Reeves, Treasurer Ruth Blackwell, Region 3 Vice President Don Stewart, District Vice Presidents Robert Lemley, Larry Reeves, Shirley Honey, James Greene, Bruce Roggenkamp and Angel Almodovar.   Beulah Green was also in attendance. President Thomas stated that there was a quorum.


Treasurer Ruth Blackwell gave her report which included the following: $45,063.53 in checking; $1,650.00 in the Convention account; $5,393.21 in the reserve account and $45,605.48 in two CDs.   Exec. Vice President Jane Lemley motioned to accept the treasurer report, properly seconded, the Treasurer report was approved.


President Thomas asked all executive board members to verify with their chapters on the completion of the electronic IRS form 990-N.   The website for completing the report  is President Thomas request that Ruth Blackwell ensure that all chapters are in compliance with the report. Ruth Blackwell stated that she has received 7 reports to date.


The next agenda item was a discussion of the Annual Convention status and changes.


President Ken Thomas stated that William Leatham released an electronic newsletter and hopefully will be able to put out electronically every month. The newsletter went out online to approximately 4300 people.


President Ken Thomas then informed members of the convention changes.  There will be no Parade of Banners, The Committee Reports will be eliminated and replaced by a condensed brochure containing reports. Bingo night will be eliminated. There will not be a Tuesday evening banquet. The Hobby Show will be eliminated. Door prizes and raffle awards will be limited. At the Closing Ceremony and Banquet, the Parade of Officers will be eliminated. Officers will sit at tables throughout the final night's banquet room. The head table(s) will be eliminated. Dress code will be business rather than formal. Auld Lang Syne will be eliminated and replaced by God Bless America.


President Ken Thomas stated that Vice President William Leatham is working on automating the registration process which will hold down the cost even more.  He also stated that there was confusion at the convention last year on the final day in that there were 27 people that stated they had comp rooms. To avoid any confusion this year, everyone is required to submit a credit card for payment and then submit a request a reimbursement. All members should check the new 2012-2013 Fiscal Policy.


President Ken Thomas informed members that he was notified the Training committee completed the agenda for the convention earlier this week. There will be 19 training courses available to our attendees at the convention. The available training courses will be printed and sent out with the convention packets.


President Ken Thomas informed members that the Bylaws committee is in the process of just completing the current Florida Federation bylaws as directed at the Florida State Convention in 2012.  Mr. Terry Zitek is finalizing the draft proposal for presentation to the membership and the information should be mailed to the Secretary and mailed out to the membership no later than February 7, 2013.


President Ken Thomas stated that as mentioned earlier, the NARFE FL newsletter is now online and is currently available on the newly revised NARFE Florida website. William Leatham is currently updating the website so that we can have better participation of members.  Unfortunately, due to cost restraints, we will be unable to mail the newsletter out to the other 12000 people who are NARFE Florida members.


President Ken Thomas informed members that there are currently 7 District meetings scheduled and there will be one district meeting via webinar (Larry Reeves for District 3). We will be contacting all of the members in that district that we can reach via email to inform them of the district go-to-webinar meeting.


President Ken Thomas informed members that we have been notified of several NARFE Florida chapters that are on the verge of closing.  Several chapters have not held any meetings, other chapters only have 4 or 6 people attending the meetings and do not have a quorum. The chapter is not advertising that they are having a meeting or sending out notices to their members that there is a meeting. They have no programs being offered and are wondering why no one is showing up.  We have revived one chapter; however, we lost the Kissimmee/St Cloud chapter.


President Ken Thomas informed members that Anthony Brannon has resigned as the NFI Recruiting Officer.  He has other obligations that prevent him from devoting his time to NARFE Recruiting.  President Thomas stated that the position is open at this time.


President Ken Thomas stated that he sent an attachment to the meeting agenda informing members of all the upcoming convention meetings in 2013 and 2014.  He informed members that we will need the support of the membership for assisting at the convention meetings.


President Ken Thomas asked there were any questions on anything that has been discussed.


Executive Vice President Jane Lemley asked why the convention packets have not been distributed. President Thomas replied that this is the 10th year of the NARFE Florida State convention being held at the Hilton in Altamonte.  Since the middle of July 2012, he has sent 5 separate emails and voice messages to the contact person at the Hilton requesting the menu plans, the meeting rooms and the meeting space,

etc. As of September 10, there was no response. President Thomas talked to the Hilton management and was informed that the contact person would be Mr. Tom Phillips.  This morning, 2/24/13, the information of the meal plans and the meeting rooms was provided.  Hopefully, we will have this printed and ready for distribution by the end of January.


Executive Vice President Jane Lemley asked if there was a code for making reservations at the Hilton. President Thomas replied that presently there is none, but it will be provided with the upcoming packet.


Vice  President William  Leatham  informed members that  the  BylawCommittee finished their  work. President Thomas stated  that  he  is  looking forward to  reviewing the  documents and  hopefully the membership will vote it in at the convention in May.


President Ken Thomas informed members that he was notified that the NARFE National President Joe Beaudoin and his wife attended the St Petersburg NARFE Chapter 1140 meeting.  He was well received and had an enjoyable time.  He was actually here to sign off on the Convention contracts for the State Federation Presidents meeting and the National Convention at the Rosen Centre Hotel.   Also, as an additional item, on January 30th, Congressman Ron Desantis has been invited to attend the meeting of the

NARFE St Augustine Chapter 33 at the St. Augustine Airport at 5:30-7:30 pm.  Should anyone wish to

attend, you can contact Greg DAlessio at 904-819-5892 or email


Vice President William Leatham asked if any members had any articles or items of interest for the newsletter to please send to him.


Treasurer Ruth Blackwell stated that we are currently paying for the State President meeting and the Convention out of the reserve account.  She asked if there should be a separate account opened.  She stated that currently we have expended $456.57.  President Thomas stated that NARFE Florida would be the host to the State Federation Presidents meeting in July, 2013 and in August 2014. We will also be the host of the NARFE National convention in 2014 with approximately 2000 people in attendance.  The cost includes the training programs and the entertainment for the Florida Host night.  We will also incur cost for registration, stuffing goody bags, voting assistance, etc (40 volunteers members from NARFE Florida). We are also responsible for the printing of the National Convention book and will be able to re-coup some of our expenditures thru advertising sales in the book.


Treasurer Ruth  Blackwell asked how  much should  be  set  aside for  these  meetings in  the  budget. President Thomas replied that it will probably require approximately $2000.00 for the July 2013 President meeting. President Ken Thomas stated that he will have Linda Harmon contact Ruth Blackwell as to what accounts should be set up to make it easier for the audit.


Vice President William Leatham stated that due to these upcoming expenditures in 2013 and 2014, it may be a good idea to be fiscally responsible.  President Thomas stated that we have saved funds by having over 6 webinars.  He also stated that we have two webinars pending one on Medicare and one for the District 3 meeting.


Vice President William Leatham informed members that the software for the convention is completed, but there is a problem and it has to be worked out on getting it on the server.


President Ken Thomas informed member that Visit Florida has developed two free websites one for the NARFE Florida State Convention in May 2013  and one for the July 2013 State Federation President Convention


Secretary CJ Reeves asked who was the contact person for the vendor tables at the State Convention. She stated that she received a request from Brad Corban, director of the Mailhandlers Benefit Plan. President Thomas replied that the contact person is David Blackwell.


Beulah Greene stated that she needs a new listing of labels for the 2013 chapter presidents. Secretary CJ Reeves replied that the information could be obtained from the Online Activities Module on the NARFE website.


Unfinished Business (Old Business):

President Ken Thomas stated that there was no unfinished business.


New Business:

President Ken Thomas asked if there was any new business. There was none.


Questions & Answers:

President Ken Thomas asked if there were any other comments or questions. There were none.



President Ken Thomas gave the benediction and conducted a moment of silence for all military members, veterans and their families.



Vice President William Leatham motioned to adjourn. Treasurer Ruth Blackwell seconded. All in favor


Meeting adjourned 2:04 pm






Kenneth J. Thomas






 CarolJoy Reeves S



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