Executive Board Meeting

20 May 2008

Minutes of Meeting


The meeting was called to order at 8:00 AM by President Stewart, who led a moment of silence. The Secretary led the Pledge of Allegiance.


The Secretary called the roll of elected officers. Only District Vice President Torchia was absent.


Second Vice President Devers introduced National Secretary Nathaniel Brown, NARFE-PAC Chair Don Wasson, David Snell from the National Office, and new Chapter 95 President Cordero.               


The Secretary referenced the electronic distribution of the minutes of the February 21 -22 Executive Board Meeting.


MOTION 2008-05-01 Past President Pappa moved, properly seconded, that the minutes be approved. Motion passed.


The Secretary read the thank you note from Tidewell Hospice for the donation in memory of Past National President Morrissey.


Treasurer Carter reported an apparent surplus for the closing fiscal year. He noted that two Chapters did not pay their per capita tax. He reported that he had renewed the Alzheimer’s Solicitation License and remarked that this year was the best year for Alzheimer’s fund raising, thanks to the cruises.


The District Vice Presidents gave brief verbal reports. The Federation Immediate Past President reported that all was going well with convention planning and the hotel. First Vice President Roepke reported that Recruitment Chair Fleck was doing an outstanding job at Senior Fairs and Public Relations Chair Harris was doing well.


The Secretary reported that 36 of the 77 Chapters were overdue on filing F-7 Officer Rosters. The Treasurer mentioned there was a draft budget to be reviewed later. He will suggest improvements to the Chapter Assistance Program.


President Stewart thanked everyone for their help and recommended that all officers promote Dues Withholding as a retention tool.


There was a discussion on difficulty with obtaining name badges National Secretary Brown will research and advise us what to do.


Secretary Brown reminded everyone that they need to use system to update their address information. He indicated that members should call the National office if they are unable to update on line.


There was no old business.


New Business: NARFE-PAC Chair Don Wasson indicated that his would be a dismal report.


President Stewart reported that there would be two presentations, Thrift Savings Plan / Managing Your Money, and Survivor benefits. He requested feedback.


President Stewart led in a moment of silence.


The meeting was concluded at 9:00 AM.








Donald Stewart                                                                William H. Leatham

President                                                                         Secretary