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NARFE Florida, Inc. Chapter Name Badges


Ordering Link:

Instructions: Click on Link, when opens, select badge template by clicking on DESIGN YOURS NOW/CLICK HERE, THEN click on ADD/EDIT NAMES (bottom right button)*, if ordering multiple, click on blue + to add more, then click green FINISHED, which will then take you to CHECKOUT. Choose Shipping Options, and insert payment info.

*Go back and edit design will NOT work.

IMPORTANT: Split order into Officers and Members. Each will be a separate order.

NOTE: 2 styles, Chapter Officer and Member-if you are an officer, you should use the Officer template on the left.

Two charts below, Pricing and Shipping Cost. All have magnetic backings,



Shipping Cost

Note: USPS Charges between #3.66 and $3.70 each, so is actually losing money on shipping.

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