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Who can join NARFE?

Any person who is receiving or will be eligible to receive a federal annuity and any current or former spouses who are legally entitled to receive survivor benefits from any civilian retirement program of any United States Government agency. This includes retirees and current employees along with their spouses.

Why join NARFE?

While NARFE is primarily a non-partisan advocacy organization fighting for our earned benefits it offers much more. We offer assistance to those who need help with problems concerning their benefits, updated information on pending legislation, webinars on topics of interest to the federal sector and discounts on various purchases. While Chapter membership is not required it does give members the opportunity to share experiences and ideas with fellow members at chapter meetings while learning about the latest happenings of interest to us. Chapter members are involved in activities such as fundraising for Alzheimer’s Research (NARFE’s Charity of choice) and other community services.

The NARFE magazine is extremely valuable-worth more than the membership costs you with timely articles providing you with information that you need to manage your benefits, etc.

Here in Florida we have approximately 13,000 members in 63 chapters within eight Districts including National Only members. Those districts have various activities throughout the year and a meeting for all of their members each year. We also have a conference every other year where training and other pertinent information is shared. Our members are encouraged to engage in community activities and events.

Rejoining a Chapter:

If a Chapter member accidentally drops his/her membership at renewal time, he/she can rejoin the Chapter by either calling NARFE Membership Records at
800-456-8410, email them or complete NARFE form f-84-available HERE.